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Getting Technical is a Brotherhood of Steel repeatable quest in Fallout 4.


Speak to Quinlan and ask him for work. He will tell you he needs technical documents. Find technical documents in containers and bring them back to Quinlan for your reward.

Quest stagesEdit

10 Collect technical documents for Proctor Quinlan.


  • The only way to end this quest is to kill Quinlan or become enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • No matter how many documents are given, this objective will never be removed from your Pip-Boy. To fix this, use the console to type SetObjectiveCompleted 001b2b08 10 1. Note that this will not disable the quest; the player can continue to secure documents.
  • If Ad Victoriam is failed yet one remains in the Brotherhood of Steel's good graces, Quinlan will no longer acknowledge the Sole Survivor at all. The quest will remain in the log, but any documents will be unable to be turned in.

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