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Well now, that looks to me like it's an old fuel cell controller. Hmm, I bet if I used that with the old Highwayman I could get her purring like a kitten.Smitty

Get car part for Smitty is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Get car part for Smitty
Retrieve a fuel cell regulator. (optional)
Speak to Smitty.
Finish Get super repair kit for Skeeter quest.
Return to Smitty with the part and $2000.
Reward: the Highwayman car

Detailed walkthrough

The fuel cell controller can be found in the Gecko junkyard, held by Skeeter. He will ask the Chosen One in dialogue to trade him a super tool kit for it.

A super tool kit can be obtained from Valerie who works in the Maintenance Center in Vault City, who will give you a quest to obtain pliers and a wrench with the super tool kit as its reward.

  • Pliers are easily found throughout the game, including in Skeeter's workshop, and can also be used to aid in repair checks. Like the super tool kit, it is not unique, but more common than the kit.
  • A wrench is found outside Vault City by completing the Mr. Nixon doll sub-quest for the crying child south of the medical clinic, also outside of Vault City. This can be done by finding the doll behind the Spittoon, Cassidy's bar. Then, listen to the child to find the location of a wrench. Like the pliers, it is not unique and fairly common.
  • If the player character is already a citizen, both tools are available in a storage room in the vault.


Due to some bug in the code, the car won't activate if Smitty installs the car part. [verified]