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I don't know who you are, but I don't take kindly to strangers walking into my office and accusing me of things they know nothing about.Gizmo

Get Gizmo's confession is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Get Gizmo's confession 
Complete Save Killian's life quest. 
Speak to Killian
Go to Gizmo's Casino
Plant a bug on Gizmo
Speak to Gizmo with a tape recorder equipped. 
Report back to Killian. 
Reward: 500 XP, an item from Killian's inventory 
Next quest: Stop Gizmo 

Detailed walkthrough

After the Vault Dweller speaks to Killian Darkwater for the first time, Kenji will enter the store wielding a hunting rifle saying "Gizmo sends his regards!" and then attack Killian. Kill the assassin to earn 400 XP plus the regular XP for killing him.

Alternatively, talk to Gizmo and accept the Kill Killian quest. Instead of going through with it, talk to Killian, and mention it when asking about Gizmo. The quest should continue as normal; this may be the only option if the player character did not assist by attacking the assassin.

Killian then asks the Vault Dweller to get a confession from Gizmo so he can imprison or kill him. If accepted, Killian gives the Vault Dweller a bug and a tape recorder.

The player character should proceed to Gizmo's Casino. At this point they can:

  1. Plant the bug on Gizmo (Steal skill).
  2. Persuade Gizmo to explain why he wants Killian dead, while the tape recorder is in their inventory.

Regardless of the option chosen, the Vault Dweller must return to Killian to get their reward. The method used does not alter the reward.



  • If the Vault Dweller gets the tape of Gizmo asking the Vault Dweller to kill Killian, the quest will stay in the Pip-Boy 2000.
  • Killing Gizmo before taking his confession will result in banishment from Junktown permanently.
  • If the Vault Dweller has an Intelligence of 1, completing this quest becomes nigh-impossible. A minimum of 2 (maximum 4) will require the use of Mentats.
  • The quest to stop Gizmo becomes inaccessible if the Vault Dweller refuses to take it when offered.
  • If having accepted the quest to kill Killian, the only option is to plant the bug in Gizmo's inventory.
  • If the player character places the tape recorder in any nearby bookcase, they can retrieve it after getting Gizmo's confession, and sell it whenever they wish (worth 80 caps. If the player character decides to use the tape recorder instead (and put the bug in a bookcase), the bug can be sold afterward (worth 50 caps).
  • Even if the Vault Dweller gives Killian the confession, one can still help Gizmo by killing him before talking to Lars.