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The Germantown police HQ terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals within the Germantown police HQ in Fallout 3.


When the Lone Wanderer explores the ruined town of Germantown, this terminal can be found in the courtyard in front of the Germantown police HQ building.

Log #008

I suppose it seems only right to say goodbye. I ought to know it's hopeless, but maybe one of my sisters is still out there, and I couldn't go without leaving some kind of farewell. Just know that I did everything I could. I tried, and I only wish that I could be the last to go, so I could have helped all the others before they met their own end.

Log #007

These days I feel like more of a preacher than a nurse. We've lost hope that the reservists will be back. I can only hope they died with some scrap of honor and didn't abandon us. Without medication, people are succumbing to radiation sickness, for which there is no hope of treatment. We can do nothing more than make our patients comfortable as we await the end. When the painkillers and whiskey run out, prayer is all that we can offer them. I've taken to wearing a headwrap; I don't want them to see how much of my own hair has fallen out.

Log #006

We're low on Prussian Blue. Most of them don't know what that really means, for which I'm thankful. One of the local doctors in our camp knows about a cancer treatment facility not too far from here. We're sending some of the guardsmen out to investigate. If they can recover any filgrastim, we might be able to stave off widespread radiation sickness a little longer.

Log #005

I took the NCO's advice and set up a quarantine for the worst of the radiation victims. We know better than to think they're contagious, but most of our survivors don't, and it helps keep them calm. We also have an easier time smuggling the bodies out at night. It's not so much that people die; it's how they look when they go. They all think they'll just lose a bit of hair, maybe get a rash. It gets so much worse than that.

Log #004

Dolores and Rebecca deserted in the night. They had the goodness not to rob us blind on herIn-game spelling way out: I had trusted Becky with the keys to the canteen, and the artesian well we locked up on Day One. Several of our survivors were talking rubbish about seeking refuge in a nearby Vault, the girls must have decided to go with them. Damned fools; if anybody made it into those things in time, they bloody well aren't letting any of us in now. I suppose I should just be glad that we have a few less mouths to feed.

Log #003

Our unit has been assigned to a National Guard detachment. They drove all night from Pennsylvania. We're doing our best to keep the survivors placated while these boys get their strength up. The looting gets worse every day, and it's a small town. There can't be much left, and there's already been one scuffle at the canteen. These Guardsmen arrived just in time, I fear.

Log #002

This can't have happened. We don't even know if it was the Chinese, but DC was hit. My God. Andrea's unit was on evac detail right on the Belt Loop.

Dear God. More bombs. What's happening?

Log #001

We were mobilized in the early evening. My security clearance isn't high enough to know this on an official level, but I have it on good authority that we're under threat of a Chinese attack. I don't dare share this with the girls; most of them are a solid sort, but I can't trust that some won't desert to try and protect themselves or their families, and wind up spreading panic, especially on flimsy rumors based on flimsier intelligence from DoD.

We haven't been debriefed yet, but it's probably safe to assume we'll be on an evacuation detail in the rural areas. Our unit scored somewhat poorly in the last round of drills, and the high-flyers always get the urban details; we'll be stuck herding farmers and hermits in the hills.

disconnect user: N. Kroydon

911 terminals

Terminal are located on the Ground Floor, in a large computer room in the East.

911 call log 1

911 Dispatcher: 911, Your call is being recorded, what's your emergency?

Man: (screaming) Fire! There's a fire! My house is on fire!

911 Dispatcher: Sir please try to stay calm, I'm going to connect you to the Fire Department.

Man: Please hurry! Please hurry!


Dispatcher: Germantown Fire Department, please state your emergency.

Man: My house is burning to the ground, please send help!

Dispatcher: Just to confirm, your address is 1664 Clem Ave?

Man: Yes, hurry!

Dispatcher: Alright sir, the trucks have been sent, is there anyone still in the house?

Man: Thank you, no everyone is safe and on the lawn (short pause) I think I hear them now. Thank you, goodbye.

Dispatcher: Just try to remain a safe distance away from the house until they get there.

Call Terminated: Dispatch

911 call log 2

911 Dispatcher: 911, What is the nature of your emergency?

Man: (Excitedly) the wings on my shoes have shrunk and now the moths won't eat my kidneys! When I shake my state capitol it only yields three fairy napkins but how... (interrupted)

911 Dispatcher: Could you please repeat that sir?

Man: (Continuing) my banana slippers are like water boats because when the moon winks sometimes it burns my hamster punches... (interrupted)

911 Dispatcher: Alright sir, just remain where you are, I'm sending help.

Man: (continuing) and that's how you get to llama school!

Call Terminated: Dispatch

911 call log 3

911 Dispatcher: 911, Do you have an emergency?

Woman: Please help me, I think there is someone outside, I heard a noise and it looks like someone is out there.

911 Dispatcher: Remain calm. I'm sending a squad car over, may I please have your name and address for confirmation

Woman: (sound of glass breaking) I think he's in the house now! Please send help oh my god.. I think I hear him!

911 Dispatcher: Ma'am I've dispatched a squad car it should arrive within minutes try (interrupted)

Woman: (sounds of a scuffle)

Man: Sorry for the scare, my wife just (muffled scream) forgot to take her pills this morning everything is ok. (long pause) No need for that squad car either. Have a nice day. (hangs up)

Call Terminated: Caller

Lockdown terminal

This Hard locked terminal is located West on the top floor, in the area with the jail cells.

<Data Corrupt>


Emergency Cell Release


<Data Corrupt>


Police station terminal

This Hard locked terminal is located in a room on the top floor, in the West near the headquarters exit and south of the jail cells.

<Data Corrupt>


<Data Corrupt>


Unlock Contraband Closet

Door Unlocked

Impound Information

This Hard locked terminal is located in a West room on the top floor, near the headquarters exit.

<Data Corrupt>


Case 43027

Department: Recovery

Vehicle ID: 87463520-34578-C237

Owner: Faye, Danielle

Abandoned Car
Other, Not Yet Determined

Note(s): Car found along highway with burnt out engine. It appears to have been stolen and taken on a joyride, and matches descriptions of cars in a variety of recent, out-of-state traffic-offenses.

When recovered, car's contents included:
two pairs of pliers, one Canadian flag, assorted theatrical costumes, 4 bottles of tequila (empty), one pool cue (broken), and four garden gnomes, strapped to front bumper.

Owner reported car stolen four days prior, but her story has many inconsistencies. Bring Miss Faye in for further questioning.

Miss Danielle Faye

Case 45602

Department: Impound

Vehicle ID: 16598325-64178-A366

Owner: Wilkins, Jenny

4 Parking Tckets <Unpaid>

During tow, perp entered into a screaming match with the driver claiming presence of an infant in the vehicle. Upon further inspection after the tow, her baby was indeed in the back seat. We've since moved the child into the lost and found and are holding it until Ms Wilkins pays impound fines and retrieves her automobile.

Ms. Jennifer Wilkins

<Data Corrupt>



This Easy locked terminal is located in a south room on a desk on the top floor. It opens the nearby safe.

SoftLock Solutions, Inc.
"Your Security is Our Security"
>/ Welcome, USER

Disengage Lock

> Clearance granted, Unlocking...

Behind the scenes

Germantown logs

  • In Log 2, the Belt Loop likely refers to either the inner or outer loop of the real-world Interstate 495, the Capital Beltway.
  • The two drugs Nancy mentions in Log 6, Prussian blue and filgrastim, are both real-life medications that can be used in the management of radiation poisoning. Prussian blue (iron (III) ferrocyanide) is a blue pigment, most commonly known as the blue in blueprints. It is also used as a treatment for thallium and cesium toxicity, thanks to its ability to chelate (bind into excretable form) these and other heavy metals. Filgrastim is a recombinant granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, used to stimulate bone marrow to produce more white blood cells. Its major use is to treat the immune dysfunctions caused by bone marrow damage; in our world, this commonly results from high-dose chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the context of cancer treatment.
  • The logs were written by Joel Burgess, lead level designer of Fallout 3.[1]