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Georgia's diary pages are two paper notes in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders. They are written by Georgia, a girl who loved to play with her teddy bears, even if it worried her mother.


Both notes are found at the Settler cottage and bunker, located east of Haven Church.

  • Page 27 can be found in the attic of the cottage, on a table at a teddy bear tea party.
  • Page 33 can be found to the north, in the old playground.


Page 27

Just trying to relax with my friends this afternoon but Madison won't stop calling me in. I'm supposed to finish my chores before playing but she makes it impossible! I've got some VERY important business today. Course, itsIn-game spelling a little hard to get anything done when mom calls me every five minutes? I'm going to get the berries, enough already...

Seriously, how do they expect me to come in four times an hour?

Page 33

The private meeting with Sergeant McAllan went well today. He provided me with HIGHLY important documents. We discussed sensitive, classified information. Special personnel with security clearance ONLY. The welfare of our great nation is at stake after all, this isn't a job for just anyone. He kept asking about Madison's calls in the distance, I told him not to worry, she just "does that".

My assistants wanted to tag along but I regretfully had to inform they would be remaining at the tea party. It's not easy filling these shoes, but someone's got to do it.