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Georgetown is a Washington, D.C. neighborhood located in the northern part of the city. While it is only accessible via the metro system, there are numerous metro stations connected to it.


The research for the Wasteland Survival Guide leads the Lone Wanderer to this location, which is accessible at any time via the metro stations. Emerging from the tepid sewers to the north are some small shops including Cornucopia Fresh Groceries and Radiation King. It is common to find both Talon Company mercs and super mutants in the area. Moving south and to the west, one will encounter the McClellan family townhome, which is just called the Townhome in-game. At the southernmost point of the map, there is the La Maison Beauregard building, as well as access to both the Penn Ave Georgetown Metro and metro access to the Mall.

Notable loot


  • The whole area has an abundance of car wrecks. Being ambushed by super mutants carrying missile launchers can lead to the cars exploding in a chain reaction.
  • The pitching baseball machine trap has a different trigger. When trying to disarm it, the trap will tell the player character that it is activated somewhere else.
  • The entire Georgetown area is filled with super mutants and centaurs.


Georgetown appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Georgetown is a real neighborhood located in Washington D.C., containing Georgetown University and the C&O Canal. However, the real Georgetown is located west of the "Georgetown" neighborhood's position in Fallout 3; the latter is more closely aligned with the real-world Foggy Bottom neighborhood.