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They're grown, I suppose, and it might be a good opportunity for them. We can't spare them on the farm, though, too much work to do. One, maybe, long as you swear to look out for him. Reckon you'd best ask the wife, though.

George Putnam is a resident of Lewis & Sons Farming Supply in Appalachia, living there with the rest of his family.


George has been married to his wife Carol for twenty years.[1] He and his family returned to Appalachia in 2103 and made their home at the former farm supply store. The family first secured the barn before later returning to begin restoring the location. Lewis, the previous owner who had died alongside his family, was George's cousin, and Carol claimed the Putnams were the rightful owners and inheritors of the location.[2] Carol uses the threat of George and his shotgun as a deterrent for would-be troublemakers.[3] After George's sons both express interest in joining the Brotherhood, he and Carol both agree that one son could join, but the farm could not spare both of them. George is more lenient of Marty and Colin joining the Brotherhood than Carol is.

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George Putnam appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update and is mentioned in One Wasteland For All.


  1. A Vault Dweller: "How's the farm doing?"
    Carol Putnam: "We're getting to be self-sufficient soon. Greenhouse is getting there. George wants to restore the house, but we're fine in here."
    George Putnam: "The boys are going to want rooms of their own, dear. Don't act like you wouldn't mind being away from their snoring."
    Carol Putnam: "We've got other work needs doing first. If I can put up with your snoring for twenty years, I can deal with them."
    (Carol and George Putnam's dialogue)
  2. A Vault Dweller: "This is your farm? The signs outside said "Lewis & Sons.""
    Carol Putnam: "Might not be Lewis, or Sons, but this here's ours."
    George Putnam: "Lewis was a cousin o' mine, back in the day, God rest his soul. He and his family didn't make it when the bombs fell. We were looking a good place to put down roots when we heard it was safe to come back to West Virginia. I told Carol we ought to see if this place was still here."
    Carol Putnam: "Even after all these years, there was enough salvageable tools and such to make starting a farm easier here than your average homestead. Didn't see any point in updating the sign."
    (Carol Putnam's and George Putnam's dialogue)
  3. Notice: New owners