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Colonel George Kemp was a military liaison working with Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC in 2077.


Colonel Kemp was a military liaison working with Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC, overseeing their research project into experimental smart materials that could be used to enhance the functionality of existing suits of power armor. Its last military contract before the war was the development of nucleostrictive lining for power armor, allowing the power armor's lining to convert ionizing radiation into electrical energy fed directly into the suit's batteries.

Initial approaches successfully created an efficient material with a lifetime of years, rather than days, at a negligible cost to harvest rate. However, Kemp rejected it out of hand, as the new material shredded under intense use and was thus unsuitable for use as power armor lining, and the colonel threatened to pull funding. The team returned to the drawing board as a result.[1] The colonel's anger in each conversation with the project leads was his character flaw. As such, when he called the laoratory for a status update on the morning of October 23, 2077, Elwood immediately picked up on his unusual calm. The colonel, well aware of the incoming nuclear warheads, requested that Elwood keep his team working in the lab until the project was completed.[2]

Elwood soon realized that it was a warning. Although Cambridge received a direct nuclear hit, the laboratory building was spared the nuclear devastation, thanks to other buildings shielding it from the blast and its own reinforced structure. The research team survived thanks to their presence in the building, and Elwood attempted to follow Kemp's directions, lying that everything was alright and keeping the team unaware and at work. Meanwhile, he informed his wife Ericka of the truth and attempted to contact Kemp, managing to reach the colonel's liaison and get confirmation that the military could escort them to safety if and only if they successfully finished the project.[3]

At an unknown time before the War, Kemp was informed by an unnamed sergeant that a group of drunken soldiers had stolen one of the army's tanks and took it for a joyride. Enraged by this revelation, he hastily wrote a letter and sent it to the soldiers reprimanding them for their behavior, and ordered them to return to the base with the tank or face punishment for insubordination.[4]


George Kemp is mentioned only in Fallout 4.