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This is a transcript for dialogue with George Cooper.


1-00083AEFWere you going to say something?
2Is that it?


4WRVRGeorgeWorried000F47BD{Worried} Rex sounds like he's gotten himself into trouble. Again.Player Default: Yes. He's in quite a pickle.A
5000F47B4Player Default: Yes. He's in quite a pickle.{how can you joke at a time like this / Disbelief} Is that some kind pun about super mutants being green?A1a
6{annoyed / Irritated} I appreciate the attempt at levity, but my mood is quit dour what with Rex being in the hands of those brutes.A1b
7000F47B3Player Default: He'll be dinner soon.{shocked / Disbelief} How can you say something like that?B1a
8{empty threat / Angry} It is fortunate for you that I am not a man of temper. Or else I would set upon you right here and now.B1b
9000F47B2Player Default: You never know. He might make it out.{trying to be hopeful / Tired} I suppose. The old fool does have a penchant for getting into and out of trouble.X1a
10000F47B1Player Default: What would you have me do?{hopeful / Pleading} Why mount a rescue, of course.Y1a
11{seeing it as a heroic moment in a story, ignoring the grim reality / Relieved} Gather together what men you can and storm their lair. I should think 30 or 40 would do.Y1b
12WRVRIntroScene000AF8DCAnne: George. Rex is in trouble. Didn't you hear him on the radio?{exasperated / Tired} For the tenth time, yes.A1a
13{annoyed and frustrated, a little worried / Irritated} What do you want me to do about it? Those super mutants would kill me in seconds.A1b
14{trying to keep a brave face / Worried} Rex got himself into this mess. He'll have to figure out how to get out of it.A1c
15-000F47BEGeorge Cooper. Damn glad to meet you.
16WRVR is our pride and joy.
17Rex isn't here right now. The damn fool went and got himself captured by super mutants.
18000F47AC{Clearing throat and doing a tongue twister as a vocal warm up.} Ahem. She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Drat. These warm ups never get easier.
19{Warming up his voice} I should do some vocal warm ups. Bah bah bah bah, la la la la, da da da da.
20We need something new. Our audience is getting bored of the same play over and over.
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