The geomapper module is a special item that can be received from Reilly after completing the Reilly's Rangers quest and taking the unmarked quest Geomapping with Reilly.


The device downloads data about any world map markers you find from your Pip-Boy. This data can be downloaded by Reilly at the Ranger compound who in turn will pay 30 caps per location found. It will also count the locations you have already discovered before receiving it, and you don't have to carry it around - just get it out of your house locker when ready to visit Reilly again, and she'll pay for any new locations.


  • It uses the world model of a Stealth Boy.
  • Reilly has four modules in stock. After the Lone Wanderer loses or sells the fourth one she will tell them she's fresh out.[1]
  • If all map locations are already discovered, no caps are rewarded.
  • It will not function with any locations added via downloadable content. Resulting in a maximum of 163 locations (4,890 caps), if Lawbringer, and Contract Killer are both taken.

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