The General Atomics outlet is an unmarked location in the General Atomics Galleria in 2287.


Primarily a rectangular open-plan building with a demonstration area taking up the left-hand side of the building. A short corridor to the front right of the building leads to a storage room, which can be accessed from a rear Novice locked door which can be unlocked by either using the galleria workshop key, or by lockpicking.

The front entrance leads on to the main floor, consisting of display racks, one of which has collapsed onto a now-defunct Mr. Handy unit. On the far right of the room is a check-out counter manned by Sprocket, who remains behind this counter if not destroyed, except when conducting a demonstration.

The demonstration area consists of four pods on the back wall, each with a Mister Handy standing in it, one of which is broken, and the rest, deactivated. On the opposite side, there are pods containing Mister Gutsy units, one broken, and the other deactivated.

Notable loot


The General Atomics outlet appears only in Fallout 4.


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