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For an overview of Gauss rifle models in the Fallout series of games, see Gauss rifle.

The Gauss rifle is a weapon in Fallout 76. It uses 2mm EC ammo.


The Gauss rifle can be modded with more capacitors, a shielded barrel and a compensator or suppressor.

Capacitors and exposed copper wiring run alongside the barrel, and a nixie tube display above the stock gives the weapon's charge percentage. The rifle operates on a charging principle: the user holds down the trigger to build up the charge, and releasing the trigger fires a round with full base damage. An uncharged round only has 50% of base damage. It is fed rounds through a dorsal mounted cylindrical magazine and its projectile produces a momentary blue trail, similar to a lightning bolt.

The Gauss rifle is rather inaccurate when attempting to shoot from the hip. The reflex sight is essentially a "rear sight" aperture for a glowing front sight post; most of the main advantages of most reflex sights (clear sight picture unobstructed by the weapon's bulk) are lost when attempting to use one on a Gauss rifle.

The Gauss rifle is chambered for 2mm EC rounds as opposed to the microfusion cells used by the Anchorage-era variants. Gauss rifle shots produce a bluish explosion upon impact. This enables the Gauss rifle to hit multiple targets with a single shot, provided they are clustered together in very close proximity to each other.

Due to the amount of recoil and the charging rate, this weapon will not achieve the fire rate listed in its statistics. The actual fire rate is closer to 10.


Screw (15)
Silver (6)
Spring (11)
Steel (17)
Wood (11)
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Gauss rifle (Lv 35)
Screw (18)
Silver (8)
Spring (14)
Steel (20)
Wood (14)
Icon range
Icon level
Gauss rifle (Lv 45)

Weapon modificationsEdit

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  • Shielded barrel
  • Stabilized long barrel
  • True long barrel
  • Aligned shielded barrel
  • Prime capacitors - Changes the ammo type to Ultracite 2mm electromagnetic cartridge.
  • Swift capacitors - Faster reload speed and +1 ammo capacity.




  • The projectile fired is wider than other ballistic bullets and will not be able to pass through some railings and other small spaces.
  • When using a gamepad, the right trigger can be depressed slightly to charge the rifle but not fire when released.
  • The Gauss rifle takes its damage perks from the non-automatic rifle set, but its ammunition counts as an energy weapon and uses Batteries Included for weight reduction.
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