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Gauss reflex sight is a weapon mod for the Gauss rifle in Fallout 76.


When applied to a Gauss rifle, the mod decreases AP cost, sighted transition speed, and sighted weapon spread (thereby increasing accuracy). The sight uses a holographic green circle and slightly increases magnification while aiming.

Technical details
Standard mod Gauss reflex sight Net change
FOV Multiplier - x1.5 x1.5
Zoom Multiplier - - -
Scope stability - - -
Sighted weapon spread - -15.0% -15.0%
Sighted transition speed - -10.0% -10.0%
AP cost - -15.0% -15.0%
Weight - +5.0% +5.0%
Value - +25.0% +25.0%
Keywords <dn_HasScope_IronSights> <dn_HasScope_ReflexSight>

Mod templates: Reflex Scope


Weapon modifications will modify an existing weapon, and any modifications previously equipped on the weapon will be destroyed, not unequipped. Loose mods cannot be crafted. For modifications unlocked through scrapping, the corresponding weapon must be scrapped in order to learn how to craft it.

Glass (1)
Screw (2)
Silver (1)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Known by default
Gauss reflex sight (1)


Craftable at any weapons workbench.


A loose mod exists in the game files, but cannot be found in-game.