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Report to Hugo in Vault 63.

Gathering Clouds is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Talk with Hugo. He details his love for Audrey and explains that, after noticing that the weather machine partially cured "feralized" people, he pushed the machine to its limits in an attempt to cure his wife. He does not consider the creation of the Lost to be a mistake, but rather an incomplete transition. Hilda and Audrey are close to a breakthrough, and need just a final bit of help to complete their work.

Travel to the vault's clinic, where Audrey, Hilda, and Oberlin are. As you enter the room, they are already engaged in a lively discussion. They need to complete a final experiment using a tissue sample of Hugo himself to determine exactly why and how he was able to retain his sanity while others became Lost. Oberlin is concerned with Hugo's unreliability, Audrey think it's worth the risk because of the potential to save many lives, and Hilda urges everyone to hurry because the tissue samples won't survive for long.

All agree that the best way forward is to run the experiments, both to learn more about what happened, but also about what might happen if the weather machine is repaired and activated fully. The experiments require activating three devices around Shenandoah, each configured differently, measurements of which will answer these questions.

Travel to Research Site Saxony and activate the lightning harvester. Several waves of super mutants will attack the harvester, and must be killed. After 45 seconds, the attacks will subside, and the experiments are complete. As expected, this control experiment reveals nothing new; the old configuration results only in the cells inside the tissue samples to become more agitated and unstable.

Travel to Research Site Bavaria and activate the lighting harvester. This time, you must defend the harvester for 45 seconds from thrashers. Once the experiments are complete, the results seem to show that, should the weather machine be activated, the Lost will not be cured, but instead, will be controlled by Hugo. Oberlin, enraged, leaves the conversation to arrest Hugo immediately. Meanwhile, Audrey suggests running a third experiment to confirm that their observations were not a fluke.

Travel to Research Site Rhineland and activate the lighting harvester. During this final experiment, the harvester will be attacked for 45 seconds by feral Lost. After the experiment concludes, Hilda, to her dismay, confirms that the previous experiment's outcome is correct. Oberlin returns, and says that Hugo left the vault. He orders you to return to the Vault 63 atrium immediately, concluding the quest, and leading to The Eye of the Storm.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Check in with HugoWith everything I've learned from working with Hugo and Chief Oberlin, I should go talk to Hugo to try and get some clear answers.
? Speak to Audrey and HildaHugo told me about his attempt to save his wife and how the Lost were created in the process. Now he wants me to help him one last time and has asked me to convince Hilda and Audrey to help. I should go speak to them.
? Activate the Harvester at <Alias=Loc_HarvesterSiteA>I bumped into Audrey, Oberlin and Hilda arguing about Hugo's actions. They agreed to run the final experiment, but they want my help to test a sample of Hugo's flesh. I should head up to the surface and activate the first lightning harvester to begin the test.
? Defend the Lightning Harvester
? Activate the Harvester at <Alias=Loc_HarvesterSiteB>The first harvester test is complete, and as Hilda suspected, using the machine's old configuration did not calm the Lost cells. Oberlin has instructed me to head to the next Lightning Harvester to test the new configuration with the sample from Hugo.
? Defend the Lightning Harvester
? Activate the Harvester at <Alias=Loc_HarvesterSiteC>The second harvester test is complete, but it had an unexpected effect on the Lost cells. They seem to be under the control of the sample from Hugo. Not news the others wanted to hear, but I should go activate the final harvester to verify the results.
? Defend the Lightning Harvester
? Wait for the test resultsWith the last of the harvesters activated, Hilda should now have enough data to verify her findings about the Lost cells. I should check in with the others.

Behind the scenes[]

The basic premise of this quest, involving the lightning harvesters, appears to have been prototyped in a different quest that was cut from the Skyline Valley questline (prefix Storm_MQ11). References in the game's files still exist for spawns, "strike markers," and timed objectives at three lightning harvesters (A, B and C) under the MQ11 prefix. Gathering Clouds, on the other hand, has the prefix of MQ13.