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Gate guard primer is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found in the gate house of Fort Defiance. It is pinned to the wall.



Tourists and Visitors
The main building is off limits! There is a zero tolerance policy for the following:
   - entering or climbing on the building
   - defacing the building
         or graffiti of any kind
   - prying open or breaking windows
   - hunting on park lands

Use your judgment if something seems wrong but isn't on this list. Visitors who fail to comply with this should be ejected from the park.

Wild Animals
- Docile wild animals like deer and beavers, etc are fine. Leave them alone and don't feed them.
- Aggressive wild animals should be removed by animal control, they are on the list of important numbers.

If that cow shows up again, call Howie. She's always getting out.

Former Residents
Don't approach them if you can avoid it. Most of them are friendly enough but you can never be sure. Treat them with dignity and respect and leave them alone until the authorities arrive. Some of them don't realize that the building is closed and others have no where else to go.

If you're ever confused or not sure how to handle something, just call my number. It's on the list too.