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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gate guard.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
176 0058EC9D 0058FE09 Welcome to Foundation. Keep your weapons holstered and treat everyone like they were your best friend.
177 0058FE0A This is Foundation. No fighting, no stealing, no trouble. Oh, and don't cuss in front of the kids.
178 0058FE0B Come on in. Everyone is welcome so long as they don't cause any trouble.
191 0058FDFC 0058FE05 Technically nobody, but we all listen to whatever Paige says.
192 He keeps us on task. There's a lot to do here.
193 Paige is inside. He's a busy guy. But if you're looking to help, you might want to see Ward first.
194 0058FDFE 0058FE02 We're a little short on housing right now, but you are welcome to join the community.
195 0058FE00 0058FE04 Foundation. The new home for settlers that want to live free and safe in the Wasteland.