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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gary Staley.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Let me introduce myself. I am Gary Staley gourmet chef and gourmand. I'll be preparing your meal. 1
Happy 50 My specialty is Mirelurk Cakes. Although the iguana is very popular too. 2
GREETING Happy 50 I'm Gary. Gary Staley. If you ever get hungry, stop by Gary's Galley. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Ah! I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away from my cuisine for long. 4
GREETING Surprise 50 How may I serve you? 5
GREETING Disgust 50 Make it quick. I'm on a tight schedule. 6
Could I ask you about Rivet City's history?
Do you know anything about Rivet City's history? Happy 5 I know a lot of places opened up when they got the hydroponics bay working, but that's hardly the start of it all, is it? 7
Happy 15 Actually, Vera Weatherly might know more. She's always here and talking with folks, so if anyone's picked up a story or two, it'd be her. 8
Do you know anything about Rivet City's history? Neutral 50 I hardly even get out of the galley, so I really can't say I know much, there. 9
Happy 5 I know a lot of places opened up when they got the hydroponics bay working, but that's hardly the start of it all, is it? 10
MS14TedFind Where can I find Ted Strayer? Neutral 50 Have you tried the common room? That's where he sleeps. 11
Neutral 50 Otherwise...hmmm. You can probably find him on the flight deck some days, if it isn't raining. 12
Neutral 50 He usually goes to the Muddy Rudder on Sundays. Beyond that, who knows. 13
RCGaryNotNow Not now. I'm busy Neutral 50 Suit yourself. 14
RCGaryStaleyBadFood How do I know your slop is even edible? Anger 50 Why you... 15
Fear 50 ...I mean, of course it's edible. 16
Happy 50 You should come by and try the Mirelurk Cakes. They're my specialty. 17
RCGaryStaleyHungry I am getting a bit hungry. Happy 50 Perfect timing then! My Galley is in the market, at the far end. I'll save you some Mirelurk Cakes. 18
RCGaryStaleyJudgeMyself I hunt for my own food. Fear 50 Ah, a true Wasteland warrior. Still, you should stop by my Galley in the market and try a Mirelurk cake. I'm sure you'll love it. 19
RCGaryStaleyLoveMirelurk I'm partial to Mirelurk Cakes myself. Happy 50 Then you are in for a treat! 20
RCGaryStaleyOtherFood Mirelurk gives me gas. I'd rather have squirrel. Disgust 50 Uh...maybe you should sit in the corner. I can check to see if we have any squirrel if you wish. 21
I heard Angela Staley has a crush on Diego.
I heard your daughter has a crush on Diego. Neutral 50 Yeah, I know. Thank God he's a priest. At least I know nothing's going on between them. 22
Surprise 50 Father Clifford would kick him out of the priesthood if he ever found out. 23
Is Angela still mooning over Diego? Surprise 50 Mooning over him? Not any more. She's going to marry him! I'm so happy for my little girl. 24
Is Angela still mooning over Diego? Disgust 50 Father Clifford caught the two of them rutting like Brahmin. 25
Surprise 50 Thank God Diego has enough good sense to make an honest woman of her. 26
Is Angela still mooning over Diego? Surprise 50 Mooning over him? You have old news, my friend. She married him! They are such a happy couple. 27
I haven't seen Angela bothering Diego lately. Anger 50 That coward! He told her to stay away from him. She still cries about it at night. It's a good thing I would never hurt a priest. 28
RCTopicPaulieAddict Did you know that Paulie Cantelli is an addict? Sad 50 Yeah. He comes by every night around closing time and tries to get Cindy to let him close up. 29
Neutral 50 Thank God she's smarter than that. 30
RCTopicWedding When are Angela and Diego getting married? Happy 50 If you want a good seat, get to the church before three tomorrow. 31
Surprise 50 They grow up so fast, don't they. {wistful} 32
I'm here to do business with you.
I'm hungry. Happy 50 Here is our menu, sir. 33
I'm hungry. Happy 50 Here is our menu, ma'am. 34


I have to go now.
I should let you get back to your customers, Gary. Happy 50 Thank you for coming to Gary's Galley. 35
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 You've grown up so fast, Angela. I remember when you first learned to walk, and now you're getting married! 36
HELLO Fear 50 I heard that you've been hanging around that Diego boy. Be careful, Angela. You know boys only want one thing, even priests. 37
HELLO Neutral 50 Make sure to clean all the empty tables. 38
HELLO Surprise 50 Taking a break, Vera? 39
HELLO Sad 50 My little girl is all grown up. After today, she'll be married to Diego. 40
HELLO Neutral 50 Have a seat anywhere. Someone will be with you in a minute. 41
HELLO Neutral 50 I...nevermind. 42
RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Sad 50 I don't see her much these days. I'd much rather she spend her time with Diego than with someone like that Ted Strayer. 43
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 No tabs. Nobody gets a tab. I'll get you your usual, and you'll pay me, as usual. 44
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 My pleasure, Tammy. I think I have some Iguana Bits for James. 45
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Right away, Tammy. 46
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Coming up, Flak. 47
RCGoodbye Happy 50 An excellent choice, Seagrave. 48
RCGoodbye Anger 50 That wasn't burnt, Shrapnel. It was blackened. It's a gourmet method I read about. I'll make it tartar this time. 49
RCGoodbye Happy 50 I made them just yesterday. 50
RCGoodbye Happy 50 With pleasure Mrs. Cantelli. 51
RCGoodbye Sad 50 Sure. Since your parents aren't around to tell you no, you get to make your own choices. 52
RCGoodbye Happy 50 So long as it's okay with your parents, C.J. 53
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Okay. I'll go lower the bucket. 54
RCGoodbye Sad 50 No. It's the same as yesterday. And last week. And the week before. Let me know if you want to order. 55
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 Hey, I've got my own problems. I don't have time to be on the lookout for yours. 56
RCGoodbye02 RCGoodbye02 Sad 100 Sorry. I just don't have enough money, Angela. I really wish I could. 57
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 Thank you. No, they don't have a date for the wedding yet, but it will be soon. 58
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 I am. Diego is a good boy. They will make a happy couple. 59
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 My little girl is all grown up. I hope I don't cry at the wedding. 60
RCGoodbye03 RCGoodbye03 Neutral 50 Your mom was no Saint Monica. I wouldn't want someone like her. Besides, I like cooking. 61
RCPackageEnd RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 Better open up. The breakfast crowd will be here soon. 62
RCPackageEnd Sad 50 I'm beat, I'm going to go take a nap. 63
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 I'm going to grab a bite to eat. 64
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 Time to lock up. Tomorrow starts early. 65
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 Whoa! Almost overslept. Angela wouldn't be happy about that. 66