The Garrahan excavator poster is a world object in Fallout 76.


This poster was created by Garrahan Mining to advertise the planned Man vs. Machine competition between Garrahan's excavator power armor and Hornwright Industrial's auto-miners. This competition was initiated by Garrahan Mining's CEO, Vivian Garrahan and consisted of 24 hours of mining to determine which company had created the superior product.[1] Hornwright was the ultimate victor, their auto-miner mining 1.85 tons more than the competition.[2]


This poster which features a person in Garrahan excavator power armor triumphantly standing on the head of a Hornwright auto-miner has been hung up in various locations throughout Appalachia. Interacting with it will initiate the level 25+ quest, Miner Miracles.


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The poster indicates that the competition took place on April 7, 2077. However, the relevant Charleston Herald articles suggest that the competition took place on October 18, 2077 instead.



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