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The Garrahan excavator poster is a world object in Fallout 76.


This poster was created by Garrahan Mining to advertise the planned Man vs. Machine competition between Garrahan's Excavator power armor and Hornwright Industrial's Auto-Miners. This competition was initiated by Garrahan Mining's CEO, Vivian Garrahan and consisted of 24 hours of mining to determine which company had created the superior product.[1] Hornwright was the ultimate victor, their Auto-Miner mining 1.85 tons more than the competition.[2]


This poster which features a person in Garrahan excavator power armor triumphantly standing on the head of a Hornwright Auto-Miner has been hung up in various locations throughout Appalachia. Interacting with it will initiate the level 25+ quest, Miner Miracles.



The poster indicates that the competition was planned for April 7, 2077, whereas the Charleston Herald reports a date of October 18, 2077.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Man vs. Machine mining competition is based on the legend of American folk hero John Henry, who is credited for the excavation of Big Bend Tunnel on a plaque in Talcott, West Virginia.