Garrahan Mining was a pre-War company that operated in West Virginia.


Garrahan Mining was a major mining company in West Virginia that, in addition to its mining operations, was working on developing the excavator class of power armor before the Great War. Former U.S. senator Sam Blackwell started his political career as a union activist who brokered deals between the company and disenfranchised miners.[1]

Garrahan competed directly with Hornwright Industrial and Atomic Mining Services and designed the Excavator power armor to challenge Hornwright's Auto-Miner machines. CEO Vivian Garrahan challenged Hornwright to a publicized competition between the Auto-Miner and her power armor, which she ended up losing.[2]


  • Ore and coal from mining operations.
  • Excavator model power armor (although heavily advertised, only limited numbers were produced).


Garrahan Mining is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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