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The Garrahan Estate terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Garrahan Estate in Fallout 76.

Brighton Gould's terminalEdit


Brighton Gould - Personal

Entry 01Edit


The business has done very well this month. My wife Vivian wasn't exactly thrilled when I told her we needed that cash injection to expand the jewelry store, but she's much happier now after she looked at the profit and loss statements! I honestly don't know how I could have done this without her. Not just in terms of the money, but also the emotional support. No matter how crazy of a dream I chase, she's right there behind me to back it up. I'm a lucky man.

Today's Reminder:
Order 217 - Make sure the channel sets on the rings align properly
Order 219 - Check for damage to the clasp

Entry 02Edit


Vivian came home today and just collapsed into my arms. She was a real mess. I think the pressure from Hornwright and his Auto-Miners is getting to her.

Then she told me about the challenge, the "Man Vs. Machine" contest. I wanted to tell her to back off, give her Excavator Power Armor project more time to take root, but that's never been her style.

I could see that fire in her eyes, the same fire I saw when we were surveying that diamond mine in Africa. Six dry tunnels, but she still stuck with it - most of us would have quit after four. But lo and behold, the seventh was the jackpot. She pushed back then, and it paid off, but this situation has me worried. Finding diamonds is one thing, but betting everything on a dream, that's the real challenge.

Today's Reminder:
Order 222 - Ship the order
Call suppliers for next month's order

Entry 03Edit


It's been a week since Garrahan lost the challenge to Hornwright, and Vivian still refuses to go out. She spends most of the day in her study and barely comes out to eat.

We haven't slept in the same bed for days. She's taken this loss extremely hard, I wish I could find the words to make her feel better. I've knocked on her study door a few times, but she doesn't answer. I'm afraid that this is the first time in her life she doesn't know what to do and it's taking its toll.

Today's Reminder:
Order 301 - Arrange the center cut and surrounding stones
Call bakery and order Vivian's favorite pastries

Bill Garrahan's terminalEdit


Bill Garrahan's Property!

Log 07-25-77Edit


Mother's been seeing that dullard of a jeweler Brighton again. Can't she see though his weak facade? He's clearly more interested in the Garrahan fortune than a meaningful relationship.

I've tried talking sense into her, but she's not listening. Just the other day I heard she's lending him thousands to expand his pitiful excuse for a jewelry store. Bill knows damn well we're already stretched thin over this stupid Excavator Power Armor pipe-dream my mother dreamed up.

At this rate, we're going to have to start borrowing money from him.

Log 08-22-77Edit


One of Isaac's sloths escaped from its enclosure again and it ended up hiding in my room. Those things are too smart for their own good.

I've told him time and time again, make sure the doors to all the cages are locked, but as usual, his head's in the clouds. I swear, that moron is more interested in his menagerie than his own family.

I've also told him next time I flick on the lights to my room and a furry thing suddenly lunges at me, I'm going to shoot it, stuff it and mount it on my wall. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd walk right down to his little zoo and wipe the little bastards out just to save us all the trouble.

Log 08-27-77Edit


There was a strike a today. The miners said they weren't getting enough pay and that the hours were too long. What do these Commies think this is, a luxury resort? They're lucky my mother was generous enough to give them jobs in the first place.

They even had the nerve to march in front of the Estate chanting and holding signs. I stepped outside with my shotgun and told them to get the hell away from our property. Then one of them had the nerve to hit me in the arm with a potato! A quick shot into the air sent them running away like ants.

I think I'm going need to order something a little special to handle the situation, just in case things really get out of hand.

Log 09-30-77Edit


My special delivery came in today. I was so excited; my hands were shaking as I cracked open the shipping crate.

Six barrels, 2,000 rounds a minute and an integrated ammo feed. It's a thing of beauty, a work of art - the pinnacle of my collection. But the cherry on top is the name I gave it enameled right onto the side: "Strike Breaker."

If things ever get out of hand around here with those Commie miners again, I'll have the last word. Mother wouldn't approve, but she isn't going to be running Garrahan forever.

Log 10-12-77Edit


Finally got to unleash Strike Breaker on some of those Commies that were sitting up in Hornwright's Rockhound on Mount Blair.

National Guard told me to stand down, the cowards - but they finally saw the light when the miners started firing back! Pretty sure I got six or seven of those sons-of-bitches all on my own, and did a nice bit of damage to Hornwright's machine at the same time. That's how things were done back in the 1920's and that's how they should still be done today. Amen!

Bryce Garrahan's terminalEdit


Garrahan Outgoing Mail System



From: Bryce Garrahan, Operations Manager
To: Shaun Henrickson, Security Lead

Shaun, I've looked over the estimates for your security proposal and I have a few comments.

First, I can't approve the installation of automated, fully-armed turrets outside of our mines. Incidents of criminal damage, costly as they are, don't justify the use of lethal force.

Second, I also must deny approval for the hiring of additional security staff. I'm sorry if this doesn't meet your expectations, but I can assure you I took all your suggestions into careful consideration. While I applaud your initiative, the cost is simply too high.

Get back to me with the revisions soon, so I can push the rest of your proposal through in a timely manner.



From: Bryce Garrahan, Operations Manager
To: Vivian Garrahan, CEO Garrahan Mining

Mother, all indications from our security department lead me to believe we're close to having a full-scale riot on our hands.

I've taken the liberty of preemptively calling the governor to help us in our time of need. He assures me that he can call in the National Guard when things get out of hand. I would appreciate it if you could speak to Bill and make sure he doesn't decide to mete out his own brand of justice with his weapon he's so proudly been displaying in his room.

I can assure you, I will be on top of the situation until all the miner's demands are met.



From: Bryce Garrahan, Operations Manager
To: Vivian Garrahan, CEO Garrahan Mining

Now that the smoke has cleared from the miner's riots, I'm happy to report that we still have a small contingent of miners willing to peacefully negotiate terms. The culprits that destroyed the Mega Mansion at Bramwell have already been arrested, so I can assure you that this group are simply good men and women waiting to get back to work.

With your approval, I'd like to begin negotiations right away. Although the behavior of these folks is reprehensible, I feel everyone should be given a chance to redeem themselves. The faster we get them back into the mines, the faster we can start generating revenue again.



From: Bryce Garrahan, Operations Manager
To: Vivian Garrahan, CEO Garrahan Mining

Do you know what my dear brother, your son Bill did? He decided to "lend the National Guard a hand" and opened fire on the miners who were holding the Rockhound hostage!

What the hell is going on around here? He has no business meddling in affairs that don't involve Garrahan, let alone bring that kind of deplorable publicity to our already struggling company. Doesn't he know I'm dealing with a delicate situation here?

It took me a solid week to negotiate a peaceful settlement with our workers, and now because of Bill, they want to come back to the table. If you don't say something to him to put him in check, I'm handing in my resignation.



From: Bryce Garrahan, Operations Manager
To: Penny Hornwright

Dearest Penny, I hope you don't mind me contacting you like this. I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to do anymore.

Between the pressures here at work, my family's internal struggles and what's going on with the military, everything feels like it's coming apart. The only thing that keeps me from losing it completely is knowing you're with me. Which is why I wanted to ask if you'll come see me at the Estate.

I know your father would never approve, but now's the time that I need you most. I've known you almost all my life, and every time I was backed into a corner, you were there to save me. Well, I'm telling you, I need that again. I need you. Contact me soon.


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Allan's Terminal

Keep out, Bryce!

Personal Logs: Allan GarrahanEdit




Personal Files: Allan Garrahan

Bryce keep out!

Home Sweet HomeEdit



Well, here I am. Back at home with the family...

Ugh. What did I do to deserve this? I should've been more careful. If I hadn't run through dad's money like I did, I could be living it up on a tropical island somewhere and not back in coalsville.

Damn it! "Investment advice" my ass.

I guess I should be grateful to Aunt V for taking me in, at least, but...

I don't even have my own room! I'm stuck slumming it on cousin Bryce's party couch until God-knows-when. Yuck.

New "Security" MeasuresEdit



Well, Aunt V finally threw some work my way. Guess she got tired of me taking up space in her hot tub.

The company just got a delivery of some prototype anti-robot machines of some kind, but they're INSANE. She doesn't want anything to do with them. So now it falls to me to dump them somewhere.

Did the guys in R&D really expect us to sabotage the Hornwrights by electrocuting OURSELVES with these contraptions?

Good grief.

A Fortunate EncounterEdit



I found some sucker to offload the anti-robot things on. At least, I think he's a sucker. He made me kind of nervous, this "Mr. Wolf". Said he was a "business associate" of Aunt V's. Sounds slimy, but what do I care?

Well, he creeped me out, but he paid well. Now I'm done with this business, and with spending money to boot.

It doesn't sound like Aunt V much cares what I did with those machines.

She's got a lot on her mind right now, I guess.

!!! - EMERGENCY CHECK-IN - !!!Edit




Wolf here.
I've secured some devices from Canary that should help.
I hear using them will be painful, though.
Very risky solo, but the other agents haven't arrived.
I'm not waiting any longer.

Going to set up the capture site in the hills northwest of Lewisburg.
Should have that AWOL unit back in no time.

But just in case...
I'm leaving a spare key and plans nearby.
Check the Wagon at the Garrahans'.

Send another agent to pick them up, if it comes to it.

Wolf out

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