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Gareth Davies was employed as a junior artist to work on Fallout Tactics, and eventually became a level designer/scripter, and then a general design monkey. He experienced a pretty broad range of duties during the dev cycle of Tactics. He is also a member of the Fallout fan community.

Employment historyEdit

20002002Micro Forté
2006PresentNeversoft Entertainment, Inc.


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2001Fallout TacticsArtist
Additional Design
2001Fallout Tactics 2Artist
Additional Design

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
?Guitar Hero: World Tour


  • I'm also pretty disappointed that Tactics 2 never saw the light of day, since it's a title that would have benefited from the experience and criticisms of the first game. Plus we were very conscious of heeding Fallout canon as best we could, and providing more interesting tactical missions rather than the run and gun focus of the first game. (NMA interview)
  • One of the biggest resources a drew upon when working in a more significant role on the ill fated FOT2 was varied treatises and comments from Fallout fans on what they felt constituted the Fallout universe. I was also lucky enough to have the original docs for Fallout on hand, and so between the original vision and a collective perception of that vision once realized it painted a pretty clear picture. Likewise, criticisms of the Tactics game world were taken on board and mentally collated. (NMA interview)
  • FOT2's major enemy would have made you it's bitch (RPG Codex forums)

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