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The garden is a room built in Fallout Shelter.


The garden is the Tier II version of food generation, it produces a moderately larger amount of food, however, it is significantly more expensive. Like most other buildings the garden can be combined into a 3 wide building, increasing production and allowing more workers. It requires 70 dwellers to unlock.

Food generationEdit

To increase the speed at which Food is generated, place dwellers with better Agility in this room.

The garden, like other rooms, gains a production and upgrade cost bonus from being connected to another room of the same type and level. The rooms will gain a +2 production bonus for each connected room. Upgrade costs will be 25% cheaper for a double room and about 34% cheaper when upgrading a triple room vs upgrading 3 single rooms.

Compared to the diner, the basic food production room, the garden generates more food with slightly longer production time. The garden is overall the more efficient of the two, with a better ratio of production time to production quantity than the diner. As a downside, the garden is significantly more expensive to build and upgrade than the diner. Once the Nuka-Cola bottler is unlocked, gardens are rendered obsolete.


Single Room Double Room Triple Room
Garden Production 10 22 35
Garden Storage 50 100 150
Greenhouse Upgrade Cost 3000 4500 6000
Greenhouse Production 12 27 46
Greenhouse Storage 75 150 225
Hydroponics Upgrade Cost 9000 13500 18000
Hydroponics Production 15 31 55
Hydroponics Storage 100 200 300


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