The garbled radio beacon is a radio station in the Commonwealth. The signal can be picked up after extending the satellites at relay tower 1DL-109.


The origin of the signal is a ham radio inside a cave near the UFO crash site. Inside is a hostile alien with a ham radio and a toolbox. Outside the cave is the alien's crashed UFO, indicating the alien was transmitting a distress signal, noted by the alien's "frantic" speech.

Notable lootEdit

An alien blaster pistol can be found on the alien inside the cave along with over 300 alien blaster rounds.


The garbled radio beacon starts broadcasting only after the player character reaches level 20.


  • PCIcon pc The radio beacon may not start broadcasting at all.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc If the alien is killed prior to extending the satellite, turning off the ham radio will not make the signal go away from the Pip-Boy. This also happens if the satellite is extended prior to the crash event. Solution: Turn the ham radio off and back on, go to the relay tower and extend it, go back to the cave and turn the radio off.[verified]
    • Signal from ham radio after killing alien prior to extending satellite appears fixed in v1.10.163.0 (Steam).[verification overdue]
      • Steps taken: Killed alien, turned off ham radio, turned ham radio back on, extended satellite, turned ham radio off, signal disappeared.
  • PCIcon pc If the ham radio is turned off before extending the satellite, its signal will not be marked as offline on the satellite display but will not be listed on the Pip-Boy radio tab.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 There is a chance the ship will not crash and the radio signal cannot be found upon reaching level 20.[verified]
    • On PC, this can be fixed by entering prid 00187000 then disable into the console.
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