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The Garb of Mysteries is an armor set in Fallout 76.


The Garb of Mysteries is a dress worn by the fictional hero the Mistress of Mystery, and part of her Regalia of Mystery. In the Mistress' lore, the Garb was her formal gown, and despite changing its style over the years, it was always crafted to provide her with unhindered movement, enhancing her stealth and speed.[1]


Once worn by a member of the Order of Mysteries, the outfit consists of a black dress with green stripes, accompanied by black leggings, dress gloves and boots. It resembles the costume worn by the Mistress of Mystery, a member of the Unstoppables. Individual pieces of the outfit include the tattered dress, Eye of Ra, and the Veil of Secrets/worn veil.

The outfit takes both slots for underarmor and clothing, as well as each of the piecemeal armor slots. The tattered dress makes the player 5% harder to detect while sneaking. If worn together with the Eye of Ra, the player becomes 20% harder to detect while sneaking and also gains a bonus of 20 DR and ER.


Build at:
Fabricator terminal
Learn Method:
Known by default
Garb of Mysteries (1)



  • The Tattered dress is found on the corpses of deceased members of the Order of Mysteries.
  • If the dress is dropped, the player character will not be able to create another, even if they bring another tattered dress to the fabricator.
  • Does not count as armor for the Chameleon mutation.
  • The Garb of Mysteries is classified as an Unstoppables costume for all SCORE and Fallout 76 challenges.

Behind the scenes

The dress is referred to as the "Mistress of Mystery Acolyte Outfit" in the game files.[2]