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Game of Thrones is an unmarked location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103. It is situated north of the Sunshine Meadows industrial farm.


This location consists of a hillside where two skeletons are what remain of an alcohol-fueled duel stemming from Nukashine and wine consumption. The skeletons sit on two toilets, out of place in the rocky wilderness. Their weapons are at their feet (including a 10mm pistol) and empty bottles are found nearby.[1]


This is a possible location to wake up in after drinking Nukashine.


Game of Thrones appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The name of this location, listed in the Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, is a reference to the HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones.



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    28. Game of Thrones: Two skeletons face off on a leafy hillside, each sitting on a toilet. The duel doesn't end well for either party."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)