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The knowledge and practical skills related to wagering. The skill at cards, dice and other games.— In-game description

Gambling is a skill in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.



Example: A starting Luck of 5:

Fallout 2

Example: A starting Luck of 5:


This skill increases the odds of winning at Roulette, slots, or "Mole-Rat Mambo." With a high skill level, gambling allows one to earn a considerable amount of money and serves as an alternative to the Barter skill.

The Maltese Falcon inside the Hub has a Roulette table; by speaking to the man with metal armor, the gambling game can be played. Dialogue options 1 through 3 show how much can be bet on a game. An absolute minimum to get any profit is 60%. At 100% gambling becomes a profitable skill. Additionally, slots can be played in Gizmo's Casino located in Junktown.

In Fallout 2, the skill can be used on any slot or at gambling tables, except games of Craps. An example where this can be played is the Den. Dialogue options 1-5 correspond to different betting amounts (5,15,25,50,100). By 80%, one can bet $5 and win consistently. Betting at $50 requires at least 120%.

In Fallout Tactics without the patch, the Warrior will be able to gamble. Their Gambling skill can be increased with the Gambler perk, which adds 20% to the skill.


  • Gambling does not affect the odds of winning at Craps in the Den of Fallout 2. However, one can easily save right before betting, and bet all of their money on a roll, win > save, lose > reload, without needing much investment in the Gambling skill.
  • Betting on the lower amount gives higher chances of winning. The chance of winning at higher stakes requires higher skill.
  • Tagging this skill will allow reaching a sufficient level much quicker.


It is possible to bet no funds, then hit the gambling button rapidly. Victory is granted within 10 seconds, even with 30% Gambling skill. This can be exploited at the bunkers, while gambling with the quartermaster, and selling his items back.