... What's the pool up to now, anyway? Nice try, though.

Gallows Humor refers to an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Unmarked Quest: Gallows Humor
Talk to some of the members of the Lyons' Pride.
Use a speech check in conversation with Knight Captain Gallows to find out his real name.
Tell Paladin Glade Gallows' real name.
Reward: 1000 caps

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Talk to some of the members of the Lyons' Pride in the Great Hall after gaining entry to the Citadel. They will tell you about a betting pool to try and guess Gallows' real name. You can ask Knight Captain Gallows about it after hearing about the bet. If your speech skill is high enough, you can convince Gallows to tell you his real name. After you find out his name you should speak to Paladin Glade, who is running the betting pool. Glade can be found near Gallows in the Great Hall in the A Ring area. Gallows tells you his real name is "Irving", and asks that he just be left alone.


The reward is the current betting pool, which has risen to 1000 caps.


  • This mini-quest can be done up until Liberty Prime is launched during the quest Take it Back! With Broken Steel, it can still remain active after the quest.
  • Convincing Gallows to tell you his name is one of the most difficult Speech checks in the game. Even with a 100 Speech and 9 Charisma skill, you may not have a 100% chance of passing the check. With all expansion packs and latest updates added, the player needs 100 Speech and 10 Charisma to get the Speech check success chance to 100%.
  • If Glade dies, it will be impossible to complete the quest.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gallows humor (also known as dark humor) is a type of humor that arises in unpleasant, serious, or life-threatening situations. It is typically made by the victim of such situations.

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