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Galleria is a miscellaneous quest, taking place at the General Atomics Galleria in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Take the elevator up to the Director's office.
  2. Grab the Galleria supervisor's password from the skeleton's hand on the left.
  3. Ignore the director, go down the elevator again then straight into Back Alley Bowling.
  4. Find the supervisor's terminal inside and get the Galleria DMS override password by reading the logs (entry 7/26/77).
  5. Go out and up the elevator again to the director's office. From here:
    1. Speak to the director, he will engage in combat, kill him quickly, and open the director override terminal and make a selection (Grand Reopening/Shutdown/Self destruction).
    2. Speak to the director directly and pass either speech check. This will result in him upgrading his firmware, reopening the park.
    3. Go to the General Atomics factory and grab the General Atomics ID card (under the clipboard on the table) in the locked room on the second floor. To get into the room one can pick the Expert lock or jump into the room through a window, and then speak to the director.

Detailed walkthrough

To trigger the reopening, go up the director's office. When the Survivor goes up to the director's office they will have several options to interact with him; they will all end in the director demanding that the player character identify themselves.

Several options involve passing speech checks. It is also possible to acquire a General Atomics ID card from the General Atomics factory which will allow the player character to identify themself without a speech check. If the player character succeeds in any of the speech checks or presents the ID, they can reopen the galleria and get the grand prize for the reopening raffle. If one does attempt a speech check (difficulty not dependent on Charisma) and fails, the director will become hostile along with all the other robots at the facility.

Alternatively, if the director has been destroyed the player character can use a password saved in the supervisor's terminal to access the computer in the director's office. However, the terminal's functions are disabled as long as the director is still functional. The terminal will provide the player character with the options to start the grand reopening, shutdown all robots, or initiate a self-destruct sequence in all of the robots. Updating the director's firmware on their computer (reopening the galleria) will immediately end the hostility of all the remaining Mr. Handies.

Quest stages

30 Report to the Director of the General Atomics Galleria.
849Quest finishedDirector turns hostile.
850 Grand Reopening.
855 Director is shutdown.
856 Director self-destructs.


If the option to "start the Grand Reopening" is selected in the director override terminal, the remaining robots will be friendly again.