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The Galaxy News Radio terminal entries are a series of entries found on three terminals in the Galaxy News Radio studio in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Capital Wasteland Mercenaries."

GNR Studios terminalEdit

A Bit of PrivacyEdit


Sharing a room is hard enough, so to give everyone their own little private space, I've restored one of these old GNR terminals and passed everyone a holotape. Remember not to save your personal data on the terminal itself, unless you want everyone to read it.

I'm saying this to you especially Perk, but this applies to everyone.

To the good fight,
Wasteland Joe

Dave Perkins' Personal LogsEdit

Entry #2287-001Edit


My name is Dave Perkins. Some of the Good Fighters call me Perk because it's a real perk to have me around. But I prefer Dave.

I asked Fisheye where he got his name, and he said it's because he's blind in one eye. I told him Dave is a fake name too. My real name is actually David.

Entry #2287-002Edit


We should be called the Great Fighters. If I'm a raider looking to cause trouble, I'm not scared of a crew of above average fighters. I'm gonna spin my idea to Phil and see what he thinks.

I think he'll be over the moon when he hears it.

Entry #2287-003Edit


Phil didn't like my idea. Something about the good fight being a slogan for the Wasteland.

That's just great. Just great. We're not great though. We're just good.

Entry #2287-004Edit


I knew it. I knew being called the Good Fighters was going to get us into trouble.

Dave Perkins' Top 10 GNR SongsEdit


1. A Wonderful Guy (A song about me)

2. Mighty, Mighty Man (Also about me)

3. Crazy He Calls Me (A song about a psychiatric ward)

4. Boogie Man (Possibly about me)

5. Happy Times (I appreciate the sentiment)

6. Jolly Days (I struggled with the distinction between a "jolly day" and a "happy time" but ultimately I'm satisfied with this hierarchy)

7. Anything Goes (I don't like how kids might interpret the message so it gets a lower ranking)

8. Jazzy Interlude (This song doesn't even have words, and it's about a minute too long for an interlude but it soothes me)

9. Civilization (A relatively inoffensive song)

10. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (Not if you live in a desert climate, points docked for inaccuracy)

11. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire (Well then maybe you shouldn't have)

Phil Goodman's terminalEdit

The Good FightEdit


They call me the Ghoul of Cool. The leader of the good fight. But I'm just taking up the mantle. I didn't start this old jukebox, I'm just playing her song.

Truth is, none of us mercs were around when the fight started. But maybe that's why it's struck a chord now. And with the DJ missing and the Brotherhood gone, for a short while the airwaves went dead. But we felt we needed to keep the fight going. Not just for the Wasteland, but for ourselves.

We're not selling our souls for caps anymore, but doing real good, like the Lone Wanderer did. We've been inspired to take up the cause, make up for lost time, you dig?

I was on a dark path before all this. You could say the good fight saved me. Now I want to save others, to pay it forward.



Sparrow's been a godsend, fixing up these old birds and getting them to fly. She brought in twenty crates of Aqua Pura the other day, a gift from some of the wastelanders out there who appreciate what we do, and who we do it for.

Raider GirlEdit


The other day the fighters found a raider outside the plaza. The easy thing to do would be to kill her. I mean, this poor girl was freaking out, speaking gibberish, and in no shape to meet the big DJ in the sky.

But if we want to fight the good fight, that means getting our playlist right. Not every track is about hacking and whacking. We gotta spin the right record, even when it's tough. Especially when it's tough.

Besides, we made Scratch part of the team, and compared to a mutant a raider's basically a kitten.

So I brought her to the station, and gave her some R&R. She took a liking to the console, wanted to press every button on the damn thing. After watching me do a sound check, she even took a turn on the mic. We'll make a proper DJ out of her yet.

Giving the Girl a NameEdit


This raider girl has a name, she just doesn't remember it. But we can't keep calling her "raider girl," because that won't help her move on.

Not to mention if we keep calling her a raider, Scratch might get the wrong idea. The other day Joe was trying to get him to say mercenary, but he kept saying "mercy" instead. That's when the light bulb went off in both our heads.

I think the name kind of fits, for the mercy we showed when we found her, and the mercy she's shown us by not grabbing a knife every time Fisheye tries to cheat her at cards.

More than a FightEdit


I try to tell Mercy, the good fight is what we do, but it's not all there is. There has to be something we're fighting for. But the way she thinks, it's like a guitar that only plays one note.

So I told the girl, it's like this. Every day, you gotta think of five things that you love more than the fight.

Like the view from a vertibird. Finding a family photo in an old suitcase. Opening up a fresh can of beans on a Sunday morning. A pair of warm socks. A faint smile.

You keep your shit tuned right, and you'll be like Billie Holiday. All your living will be easy.

Talon CompanyEdit


Someone's hired the Talon Company to take the station. Part of me wonders if this isn't about the music at all, but old chickens coming home to roost. I guess it doesn't matter now. They're here. And with the Brotherhood spread thin, there ain't nobody but us to stop them.

Last night we held a jam session to talk about what's next. Joe thinks we oughta beat feet before the mercs crash the party, but it ain't why we signed up for this.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we fight the good fight no matter how bad the blood. We owe it to the man to be dogs in the fight, and we ain't much of a canine if we turn tail and run.

But we also ain't gonna sit here and get our meat chopped. I put the word out on the airwaves, and sure enough, I got a hit back from a good fighting crew in Boston. I told them I'd send Sparrow to pick them up, and give a crate of Aqua Pura as thanks. They said there's no need. They're gonna help us because it's the right thing to do.

Final FightEdit


The Talon Company mercs have blown up the tunnel and trapped us inside. If we're gonna get supplies, we'll need it to come by air.

Speaking of which, I should've heard from Sparrow by now. I'm beginning to think these Gunner cats may not be on the level. They keep telling me to send more birds, but when I asked to speak to my Good Fighters, they tell me it's a bad time. Bad time? They don't know the meaning.

We've got the mercs on our doorstep and the reinforcements we were counting on are a no show. Can't worry about that now. We gotta make a stand with the cats we got here.

And besides, even if we die, I have to believe the fight will go on.

Ten years ago, a bottle of water and a catchy slogan saved my life. Given what I've done, I'll never be a good man. I just tried to be a better one.

GNR Studios terminalEdit


= <User.Profile: "Hatton"> =

Shut Off TransmissionEdit


Ending transmission...

Journal EntriesEdit

Call for ReinforcementsEdit


We've taken the station and chased the fighters into the nearby buildings. But taking GNR isn't the same as holding it even with the tunnel blown to shittereens.

I've established contact with HQ and requisitioned more men, but due to resource crunch, they'll need to be picked up from outside D.C. using the old Brotherhood vertibirds the fighters repaired. I would've pressed HQ for more immediate help, but didn't want to make it seem like I didn't have a handle on the situation.

One problem is the autopilot system on the bird we hijacked is malfunctioning, so they'll need to hone in on a signal. As such, we've swapped the radio with our own transmission beacon, which should allow the system to triangulate our location.

Talon Company Agent MissingEdit


The inside agent who was supposed to help us with the assault either was a no show or made no attempt to identify herself. Not a surprise, since her reports for the last month have been on the spectrum of misleading to worthless.

I've notified our employer to terminate her contract. It's likely she fled before the attack.

For now, we've got bigger problems just trying to hold our position.

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