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Galaxy News Network (GNN) was a pre-War company.


One of the most prominent corporate entities in pre-War America, GNN was a mass media corporation with several distinct divisions, such as Galaxy News Radio. Its programming was decidedly pro-government, putting a spin on every news story to present the United States in the best possible light.[1][Non-game 1] Perhaps the most extreme example of this tendency was broadcasting the execution of a Canadian insurgent by United States soldiers in power armor while presenting it as keeping the peace in newly annexed Canada.[2] Another example is the spinning the massive radioactive pollutant runoff causing mutations in the local crustaceans population of the Charles River drainage basin.[3]

Although the GNN was no longer operating after the nuclear war, some of its programs continued playing on repeat for several years after the end of the war.[2] John Henry Eden also adapted fragments of GNN news reports when creating its presidential persona.[4]


Known programs available on GNN included:

  • Weather Watch with Horris Aimes (every night at 6:30)[5]
  • Reports from Our Brave Boys and Girls in Uniform live from the front line.[5]
  • A Presidential Affair (special program)[6]


A Galaxy News Radio location is included in Fallout Shelter.


Galaxy News Network is mentioned in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

  • The Galaxy News logo appears originally in the introductory movie for Fallout (the original game in the series). The popularity of Fallout (along with the distinctive style of the logo) led to the logo's adaptation into the brand symbol for Interplay, the original publisher of the game.[7]
  • The abbreviation of GNN is a direct parody of CNN, an American news network.



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