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Well, according to the schematics I saw, you can graft dermal plates and thermal dissipators to a person's skeleton using the following procedure...Dr. Andrew

Gain combat implants is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: Gain combat implants 
Have 51% Science and 75% Doctor skill. 
Research the computers at Vault 8 for data. 
Download the combat implant schematics. 
Speak with Fung, Johnson or Andrew
Pay for the implant operation. 
Reward: 500 XP, Dermal Impact Armor or Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement, Phoenix Armor Implants or Phoenix Assault Enhancement 

Detailed walkthrough

It is started by using the Vault City medical computer on level 1 of Vault 8.

With at least 51% and 75% in the Science and Doctor skills respectively, the Chosen One can download combat implant schematics, then take them to a qualified physician (Andrew in the Vault City courtyard, Painless Doc Johnson in Redding or Dr. Fung in San Francisco), where, for a hefty fee and a suit of combat armor, he can become a cyborg.

For details on combat implants, see Fallout 2 implants.

OPTIONAL: After searching the database for combat implants, it can be searched for more information, and again. The terminal will reply about having missed something, so search the database again to be sure about not having missed anything. "Maybe if you searched 20 more times, you might find something.." will be displayed. Searching more prompts the terminal to reply that it was kidding and that there is no new information.

At some points, it will also say amongst the following:

  • "Go play the rest of the game. You can't stay cooped up in here forever"
  • "Fine. Keep looking. See if I care."
  • "You are just wasting your time."
  • "Your intelligence is 4, right?"
  • "Cut it out."
  • "Why don't you go play with the nurse?"

At the end, after searching 53 times, it will say to be sure to check out main computer in level 3 after finishing the game. Doing so yields Fallout 2 (Vault City) designer notes.


If Andrew's Auto-Doc has not been fixed, the dialogue with him will be different when he is asked to grant implants. As the Chosen One is somehow warned, trying it anyway results in death.