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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gail.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00583423 00583448 Gail always ready to shoot and smash! Entering combat
2 00583449 You can't scare Gail! Entering combat
3 0058344A Hah hah hah! Gail gonna bust you up real good! Entering combat
4 0058344B Stupid robots don't know how stupid it is to attack Gail! Entering combat
5 0058344C Another robot? Don't they know how good Gail is at smashing robots? Entering combat
6 0058344D Hey! Everybody! Something to kill! Alert to combat
7 0058344E Time to fight, human friends! Follow Gail into battle! Alert to combat
8 00583424 00583433 Gail thought she heard something. Gail was right! Alert to combat
9 00583434 There! Gonna crush it to pieces! Alert to combat
10 00583435 Gail found something to empty bullets into! Alert to combat
11 00583436 Oh, now it is time to fight! And probably kill! Alert to combat
12 00583425 0058342A Gail here to wreck your day! Taunting.
13 0058342B You not too smart to anger Gail! Taunting.
14 0058342C If big gun don't kill you, Gail will rip you apart piece by piece and that will kill you! Taunting.
15 0058342D Going to crush you to dust, then sweep you under furniture where you belong! Taunting.
16 0058342E Gonna smash you to bits before you hurt Ra-Ra! Taunting.
17 0058342F Gail gonna crush you and wear your parts as earrings! Taunting.
18 00583430 Gail like killing robots more than killing humans. Make better smashing noises! Less mess! Taunting.
19 00583431 Can't make stew from robots! Stupid, awful, useless robots! Taunting.
20 00583426 0058343B Oof! Ow! Hit in combat.
21 0058343E Urgh... Hit in combat.
22 0058343F Ouch! Hit in combat.
23 00583440 Agh! Hit in combat.
24 00583442 Ahh! No! Hit in combat.
25 00583443 That... not hurt! It tickle! Hit in combat.
26 00583444 You think that hurt Gail? Gail show you how to hurt! Hit in combat.
27 00583445 Oh no! Blood! Gail blood! Hit in combat.
28 00583446 Agh! Stupid robot! Hit in combat.
29 00591694 0058343C Arghh! Hit in combat.
30 0058343D Raaagh! Hit in combat.
31 00583441 Grrgh! Hit in combat.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
119 0041CA7B 0041CABC Go to big building where steel made, near yucky bad water.
120 Under building, near rocks, there is pipe. Ra-Ra went in pipe, did not come out. You go in, see if she stuck or maybe in danger.
121 You save Ra-Ra, and Gail will love you forever.
122 0041CA7D 0041CAEC You better. Or else, Gail will start breaking things... uh... more things!
123 0041CAED Gail hope so. Poor Ra-Ra must be worried Gail not there to help!
124 0041CAEE What you still doing here? No time for more words, time for finding Ra-Ra! Go!
125 0041CAF0 Hurry up, stupid human! Uh... Gail sorry. Not mean to call you stupid. Gail just angry at self.
126 0041CA7F 0041CB1B Good. One more thing. If you be nice to Ra-Ra and she like you, she will be good and helpful.
127 If she don't like you, she make things hard for you. Ra-Ra loves Gail, so life is easy. You are stranger though, so keep in mind.
128 Now go. Hurry. No time to wander Wasteland doing stupid things while little child is in trouble.
129 0041CA81 0041CAD4 Gail not sure what you mean. Is this some stupid human question, or you somehow making fun of Gail's smarts? Surprisingly coherent and serious.
130 Either way, question is a waste of time, and Gail has big, strong crushing arms. That good answer for you?
131 0041CA83 0041CB12 Gail and Ra-Ra was playing near the big dirty water place. We play "Hide and Seek," "I Spy," "Tag."
132 Ra-Ra always bring her favorite toy. While we play, something steal Ra-Ra's toy, so Ra-Ra chases it.
133 I chase Ra-Ra. But thing run up rocks and into pipe, so does Ra-Ra. Getting worried and upset again.
134 Now, Ra-Ra don't come back out, so did something bad happen to Ra-Ra? Really worried again.
135 Gail would be so sad and so mad if something bad happen to Ra-Ra! Sad and frustrated
136 0041CA85 0041CACE Under big building. Ra-Ra go up rocks, into pipe, and don't come out. Worried.
137 Gail can't follow Ra-Ra. Pipe too small for Gail, but maybe you fit.
138 Building full of machines. Don't know how, but Gail think it makes lots of steel.
139 0041CA87 0041CB09 Ra-Ra is precious little human girl. Gail met Ra-Ra years ago. She had fondness for Ra-Ra
140 Ra-Ra was alone. Gail was alone. Now Ra-Ra and Gail are together. Ra-Ra take care of Gail. Gail take care of Ra-Ra.
141 Ra-Ra is what matters most to Gail.
142 0041CA89 0041CAC6 Ra-Ra went into pipe at big steel place, but Gail too big, so Gail need you to go after Ra-Ra.
143 Gail waited and called to Ra-Ra, but Ra-Ra did not come back, so Gail is worried.
144 Gail come back for help, to get human to go in pipe to get Ra-Ra, but no one listened to Gail until you.
145 Now, you go to pipe, and go get Ra-Ra out. Easy for someone small and weak like you.
146 0041CA8B 0041CAFC Find Ra-Ra! Ra-Ra is in danger! Go get her!
147 0041CA8D 0041CABF Ra-Ra! Gail's little Ra-Ra is in danger. Distressed
148 0041CA8F 0041CAF3 This is good. You will help Gail find her! No longer angry, now excited
149 0041CA90 0041CAB7 If you don't want to help Gail, don't come back!
150 0041CA92 0041CAE6 That better! Gail is right! Finally, you understand! Relieved.
151 0041CA94 0041CAAE Finally, someone listen to Gail! Relieved.
152 0041CA96 0041CADE I explain problem. I say she gone. They no understand. Frustrated.
153 They say "calm down. Stop yelling. Don't throw things. Stop breaking arm." But no one listens. No one helps. Very nonchalant about the whole breaking arm thing.
154 Someone say "Maybe Gail is just hungry," so they give meat. Gail no want meat, not now! Not while Gail need help! Frustrated.
155 It make Gail want to scream. Raaaaagh! Big old super mutant scream of frustration.
156 0041CA97 0041CB39 You just like the others. No one actually want to help Gail. No one have time, but Gail know they have time. Frustrated
157 They see Gail angry. They stay away. Ignore Gail.
158 I say help, they say Gail can help self, but they no listen.
159 Gail don't want to crush humans, but will soon if no one help! Then, they listen maybe! Getting a little intimidating.
160 0041CA98 0041CAD7 Gail swear, you say calm down one more time, you get crushed into red puddle. Getting angry and intimidating again. She really doesn't like being told to calm down.
161 Gail sick of humans saying calm down. Gail calm down when Gail want to calm down. She is actually becoming less calm now.
162 Humans saying calm down don't make Gail calm down! Make Gail more angry! Getting really fed up here.
163 0041CA9A 0041CB15 Maybe not, but it makes Gail feel better, and sends message to others. This ideal gives her some satisfaction.
164 0041CA9C 0041CAD0 No, that make no sense. Maybe Gail not be angry if they help. Maybe Gail is smart one around here after all. She thinks she knows better than the player.
165 0041CA9E 0041CB0D You listen to Gail? You first to say that. You really want to help? Surprised, but skeptical
166 0041CAA0 0041CAC9 Who you call 'oaf,' stupid human? You right. Gail is big. Gail also strong, and could crush your bones. Easy, like breaking twigs. Angry and intimidating. The player just insulted her.
167 0041CAA2 0041CB04 You need help? No, Gail needs help! Gail don't like your attitude. Gail don't like your face. Upset that the Player would try asking for help when she clearly needs help herself
168 0041CAA4 0041CAC2 Calm down? You don't tell Gail what to do. Gail tells you what to do. Gail is bigger, stronger! Upset that the player would tell her to calm down. It's the wrong thing to say to someone in her state.
169 0041CAA6 0041CAF6 Wait? You want to help Gail? For real? Surprised, shocked even!
170 0041CAA8 0041CB1C Gail needs help. No time to waste making talks with newbies. Go away, stupid human! Clearly upset. She needs help finding her best friend, but no one will help her. She doesn't think the player is going to help either.
171 0041CB1D You again? Unless you here to help Gail, go away! Clearly upset. She needs help finding her best friend, but no one will help her. She doesn't think the player is going to help either.
172 0041CB1E You find Ra-Ra yet? You better not have bad news, or it be bad news for you! Worried, and threatening.
199 0041CAA9 0041CB2F Stupid humans never take Gail serious. Frustrated
200 0041CB31 Agh!! No one helping! Frustrated and angry
201 0041CB32 Ra-Ra better be okay! Frustrated and worried.
202 0041CB33 Why does no one listen to Gail? Frustrated and upset.
203 0041CB34 Ergh! They don't want to help. Maybe I make them help! But how? Frustrated and upset.
204 0041CB35 Rahh! Stupid, stupid humans! Frustrated and angry.
205 0041CB36 This bad. This really bad. Frustrated and worried.
206 0041CB37 <crying in Super Mutant> Angry Super Mutant ugly crying noises
207 0041CB38 Gail helps others, but others don't want to help Gail. Frustrated.
252 0056BE59 0056BE60 You find Ra-Ra yet? No? Aghh! Hopeful at first, then disappointed and frustrated
253 0056BE61 You said you would help Gail. Why you not helping yet? Frustrated and impatient.
254 0056BE62 Gail feels stupid for not stopping Ra-Ra. Disappointed with herself
255 0056BE63 If you come back with no Ra-Ra, Gail will be mad. When Gail is mad, Gail gets punchy. When Gail gets punchy, humans die. worried, angry and just a tad threatening.
256 0056BE64 You going to find Ra-Ra, right? Ra-Ra is going to be okay, right? Worried.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
28 00548B99 00548C56 Gail do good? Wondering if she did a good job.
45 00548BA1 00548CAD Why trust Gail?
46 00548BA3 00548C59 What about robots?
47 00548BA5 00548C99 Why not open other doors?
48 00548BA7 00548C4A What is problem?
49 00548BA9 00548C89 No questions. Be there soon.
60 00548BAC 00548C58 Gail part of um... class fried rescue liber... uh, ate... oper... um... heard dress call... ah... Gail here to help vault. Frustrated, Gail can't keep up with the player's fancy words, but she tries, despite misunderstanding. Finally she just says it her own way.
61 00548BAE 00548C98 Yes! Gail heard distress call!
66 00548BB6 00548CB3 Your name not important and you just here for gold. Repeating what the player said.
67 00548BB8 00548C5D Your name Gail, but not why you're here. Literally repeating what the player said.
79 00548BC1 00548C69 Your name. Gail is just literally repeating what the player tells her.
80 00548BC3 00548CAE Gail uh... Smith. She's repeating the player, quite literally.
86 00548BCA 00572D3F Uh...
88 00548BCE 00548C6C Door closed tight. Tried to open, but can't. Door too strong. Mildly frustrated. She's used to being able to bash through almost anything.
89 00548BD0 00548CB4 Okay.
90 00548BD2 00548C5E Okay, what do?
92 00548BD4 00548C50 Ra-Ra too small for machine. Machine didn't like that.
93 00548BD6 00548C8F Gail can do that.
95 00548BD9 00548C7F Uhh. Okay.
96 00548BDB 00548CC7 Johnny said it, um, robots? Uh... It talks to... um... Gail isn't too sure. She wasn't paying attention, mostly because she didn't understand what Johnny was talking about.
97 00548BDD 00548CAF Gail and Ra-Ra still stuck.
98 00548BDE 00548C5B Hm. Johnny lost all blood. Don't think Gail can put it back. What do now? Gail is largely unfazed by the fact that Johnny was killed by the turret.
111 00548BEA 00548CA0 And you always say Gail is stupid! Upset with Johnny.
115 00548BEF 00548C81 No! No no no! Ra-Ra would die once food run out. This not happen. Gail will help to save little Ra-Ra! Gail is very concerned about Ra-Ra's safety, so she believes the player and wants to do anything to help.
116 00548BF1 00548CC9 Uh huh. You good to little Ra-Ra. Gail will do this for you. Gail is happy with how the player has treated Ra-Ra in the past.
117 00548CCA Hmm. Even though you not always nice to Ra-Ra, you still help. Gail will do this one thing for you. Gail is not happy with how the player has treated Ra-Ra in the past, but agrees to repay the favor considering the player did save Ra-Ra.
118 00548BF3 00548CBD No. Nuh-uh.
120 00548BF5 00548CAB You always mean to Ra-Ra and Gail. No listening to you. Gail is not happy with how Johnny disrespects her and Ra-Ra all the time.
131 00548C00 0057317F Um...
140 00548C0C 00548C7C Getting bored! How long this gonna take? Frustrated.
162 00548C1F 00548CE8 What should Gail and Ra-Ra do?
164 00548C21 00548CCE You want Gail smash it up real good? Genuinely trying to help. She's offering to smash the system that is giving Johnny some difficulty.
180 00548C30 00548CDC Hm.
181 00548CDD Hm.
192 00548C33 00548C90 Ra-Ra always safe with Gail.
195 00548C35 00548C80 Ra-Ra too. Not leaving Ra-Ra behind. Making sure Meg knows that Ra-Ra is going with Gail.
203 00548C40 00548CE9 Less talk. Gun heavy! Need to unload bullets into something and make lighter! Getting really impatient.
212 005723B3 005723B5 Told you. Should have been gooder to Ra-Ra.
214 005727C4 005727C8 No distress call, but help is here.
215 005727C6 005727C9 Name Gail. Nothing else.
216 00572D18 00548CB7 Gail think this the place. Maybe this time someone else talk to man. Gail doesn't feel like she's the best person to talk to the Agent, so she's suggesting the player should do it instead.
222 00572D1C 00572D46 What? How dare you startle Gail, robot!
223 00572D47 Time to unload big gun!
224 00572D49 Gail ready to shoot anything in vault that moves.
225 00572D1D 00572D4C More robots to kill!
226 00572D4D There! Gail going to protect Ra-Ra from robots!
227 00572D4E Gail going to make it crumble to pieces!
233 00572D25 00572D50 You sure you strong enough to do that?
236 00572D28 00572D3B Now Gail think Ra-Ra is right.
240 00572D2C 00572D35 No, you too weak. You just drop it and make it break.
242 00572D2E 00572D3A That sound like excuses.
245 00572D31 00572D39 Gail ready to destroy more robots!
252 00572D33 00572D66 Gail can't wait to see explosions!
253 00572D67 Gail would rather be shooting than waiting.
254 00572D68 Gail will protect you like you protect Ra-Ra before.
255 00572D69 Gail not want you to come with, but Meg says you have to.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
33 0056F789 0058EA1B Yay! You find Ra-Ra! Happy that the player found Ra-Ra.
34 0058EA1C You said you would help Gail, and you did! Happy the player helped find Ra-Ra.
35 0058EA1D Gail going to have talk with Ra-Ra about running off.
36 0058EA1E Gail knows Ra-Ra not happy with you. You better be happy Ra-Ra refuse to say what you did.
37 0058EA1F Ra-Ra is mad at you, but you save Ra-Ra, so Gail is happy. Gail confused what to think.
67 005976A2 Gail not sure what's happening, but you should go before Meg has Gail rip off puny arms. Confused but threatening. Raiders are hostile toward the player.
68 005976A3 Gail knows you not welcome here. You better leave while still in one piece. Confused but threatening. Raiders are hostile toward the player.
69 005976A4 Meg really mad at you, so everyone is mad. You not last long if you stay here. Confused but threatening. Raiders are hostile toward the player.
70 005976A5 Strangers not welcome here. Threatening. Raiders are hostile toward the player.
71 0059F140 So many humans around. Makes head hurt.
72 0059F141 You no hurt Ra-Ra. Ever.
73 0059F142 You wear big armor. But Gail still stronger than metal suit.
81 005834BE 0058537C Gail heard stupid human pretty stupid after all, but Gail never forget you bring Ra-Ra back to her. Understanding.
82 0058537D Gail and Ra-Ra had fun crushing robots. We don't forget. You ok human. Happy.
90 0059F173 You find Ra-Ra. You Gail's friend.
91 0059F174 You are back. Gail remembers.
92 0059F175 You want to talk again? Why? You humans always talking.
216 0058535A 0058537E Good. Gail not a big fan of questions. Gail don't like talking much... only with Ra-Ra.
217 0058535C 00585377 Meg good human. Ra-Ra found Meg when Gail needed help. Meg didn't care that Gail was Super Mutant. She help Gail anyway.
218 Meg help raise Ra-Ra and protect her. She take care of us, and we help her in return.
219 0058535E 00585380 Someone abandon Ra-Ra, and Gail find her. Gail just left home, so Gail believes she was meant to find Ra-Ra.
220 We both alive because of one another and will never abandon each other.
221 00585360 00585378 Gail find Ra-Ra when she was tiny human. I ask her name, and she said, "Ra-Ra", so Ra-Ra name is Ra-Ra.
222 Name stuck as Ra-Ra grew. She doesn't remember past, but she like her name, so she keep it.
223 00585362 00585376 Gail don't make threats, only promises. Now you leave. Tired of dealing with stupid human.
224 00585364 0058537F Human make Gail blush. Gail do anything and crush anyone to protect Ra-Ra.
225 Now human leave Gail alone. Gail don't want human to say something stupid and ruin moment.
226 00585366 00585381 Gail hopes human helps Meg, so human can stay. But Gail will snap human in half if human betrays Meg.
227 Traitors are bad influence on Ra-Ra.
228 00585382 Gail likes human. Human good influence for Ra-Ra.
229 00585367 00585379 Gail and Ra-Ra been through rough time, and learn much. Crater good place, and Meg good leader.
230 0058536A 00585388 Gail see human later then.
231 0058536C 0058537A Hmm, I suppose Gail can spare time.
232 0058536E 00585374 Gail smarter than you think, stupid human. Human's biggest mistake would be underestimating Gail.
233 00585370 0058537B Gail think human has death wish, but won't crush skull because Meg said let you live.
234 Time for human to leave before Gail tempted to piss off Meg.
235 00585372 00585375 Gail knows. Gail good at heist, and enjoys crushing.
236 Gail was nervous about talking to machine, but human help Gail good.
322 0059F128 0059F16A Ra-Ra says you are bad, but I know you are good.
323 0059F16B Ra-Ra likes you, too. Maybe we all play later?
324 0059F129 0059F162 Yes. They are strong. Many stronger than Gail.
325 But they are bad. They want to hurt everything.
326 Gail thinks they need to find their own Ra-Ras.
327 0059F12A 0059F168 Because Ra-Ra says, "Gail, no tear off arms of humans."
328 Even if Gail really, really wants to tear off arms, Ra-Ra says no.
329 0059F12B 0059F17A Crater is home. Gail likes home.
330 Sometimes I go out and play. And tear apart robots or bad things.
331 Gail likes that even better.
332 0059F12C 0059F167 Goodbye.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
319 0009AC44 0033AF00 Burned mutants?! Kill them all! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat
320 0037F7ED Hey! Ash mutants coming! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat
321 0037F7EE Smash you, coal face! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat
322 0037F7EF Hate you ash mutants! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat
323 0037F7F0 Nothing better than crushing a weak ash mutant! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat
324 0037F7F1 You not brothers any more! You die! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat
325 0037F7F2 You turn on us, you pay with your life! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat
326 0037F7F3 Hate burned mutants the most! A shouted warning, spotting an enemy and starting combat


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
177 00558940 0055896D Okay, Ra-Ra. We do that. Promise. Happy to make a promise to Ra-Ra to take her someplace fun.
179 00558942 00558972 No, Ra-Ra, we go. Too much radiation there. You end up looking like Lou. Protective.
180 Now, come.
182 00558944 0055896A Now that it safe, I take Ra-Ra back to Meg and wait with her. No need for us here. The party has reached their goal. Now, Gail wants to get back Ra-Ra to safety.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
7 005A163C 00572D5E Gail just doing what she told to do.
8 00572D5F Gail know gold important, but not know why anymore.
9 00572D60 Gail not sure about bringing Ra-Ra into danger, but Gail will keep her safe.
10 00572D61 Why not more humans here? Gail thinks this is strange, but also, not bad.
11 00572D62 Gail likes being useful.
12 00572D63 Gail watching you. You be mean to Ra-Ra now, and Gail will smush you. Splat!
13 00572D64 Johnny lost all blood. Don't think he's getting better. Probably dead for good.