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Pastor Gabriella "Gabby" Salavar was the leader of a religious community that inhabited Vault 94.


Gabriella's ex-husband, Antonio Salavar, was an employee of Vault-Tec and submitted her name to become the overseer of Vault 94.[1] She, alongside her congregation, came via bus to Vault 94 before the Great War.

A year and a day after, on October 24, 2078, the vault door opened and Salavar sent "Vault 94 ambassadors" to Appalachia to serve as missionaries.[2] Not long after, a group of wastelanders from Harpers Ferry raided the vault, believing that the ambassadors were attempting to lead them into a trap. They killed everyone in the vault, including Gabriella.[3]


Gabriella Salavar is mentioned in Fallout 76 and the Nuclear Winter update.


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