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This is a transcript for dialogue with Chet.


GREETING GREETING Fear 50 Cant' do business now! There's a gunfight! 1
GREETING Surprise 20 You must be the one Doc Mitchell was patching up. The way I heard it, I didn't think you'd be walking out of that office. 2
Neutral 50 I've got plenty of supplies for sale. Even got some weapon mods and special ammo - well worth the caps, if you ask me. 3
Neutral 50 If you're hurting for caps, I've also got boxes of surplus ammo in the miscellaneous section. They're not great, but you get what you pay for. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 That was a hell of a fight. Let's hope it doesn't bite us in the ass later on. 5
GREETING Fear 30 {Powder Ganger victory} I won't make any trouble for the gang. Just let me keep my store and I'll cut you a little discount. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 You looking to buy some supplies? 7
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic000 Fine. Here's 1000 caps. Happy 50 That's more like it. The people can pick up their extra ammo and leather armor when they're ready. Was there anything else? 8
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic001 Do you know anything about the people who attacked me? Neutral 50 The leader was a New Vegas-type, typical city boy. He had a bunch of Great Khans with him, probably hired guns. 9
Neutral 50 The Great Khans normally stay in their own territory way up northwest, on account of them being enemies with the NCR. 10
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic002 Have you ever been to New Vegas? Neutral 50 Twice. Both times, I drank a lot of liquor and lost most of my caps at the card tables. In that order, now that I think about it. 11
Neutral 50 If you ever get to New Vegas, be sure to visit Gomorrah. It's the best casino in the city. You won't regret it. 12
Neutral 50 Word of advice - behave. Between the NCR military police and Mr. House's robots, you don't want to be causing trouble on the Strip. 13
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic003 Anything else you can tell me about Great Khans? Neutral 50 They're tough sons of bitches, mean but not crazy - they'll leave you alone unless you've got something they want. 14
Neutral 50 The Great Khans deal in illegal chems. There's a good chance that most chems you come across were made by Great Khans. 15
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic005 I'd like to know more about Mr. House. Neutral 50 I'm afraid I don't know much myself. Mr. House has got his own casino, the Lucky 38, but nobody goes in or out except his robots. 16
Neutral 50 The other casinos follow Mr. House's rules, so I guess that makes him the leader of New Vegas. As far as I know, nobody's ever laid eyes on the guy. 17
Neutral 50 I think that robot who pulled you out of the dirt belongs to Mr. House. If Mr. House is looking after you, that's gotta be a good thing, right? 18
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic006 Tell me about weapon mods and special ammo. Neutral 50 Weapon mods are things like silencers, scopes, bigger magazines. 19
Neutral 50 Special ammo includes things like armor-piercing bullets which don't hurt the target as much but let you punch through armor easier. 20
Neutral 50 There's also hollowpoint bullets which have the opposite effect - you can kill unarmored targets easier, but they don't do shit against armor. 21
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic007 What makes the surplus ammo inferior? Neutral 50 It's all about quantity over quality. Trouble is, you'll be cleaning and fixing your gun a lot more than usual when you use those kind of bullets. 22
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic008 The Powder Gangers need you to donate some supplies to them. Neutral 50 What? Why the hell would I want to do that? 23
The Powder Gangers need you to donate some supplies to them. Anger 5 {annoyed} This again. What makes you think I've changed my mind? 24
< Barter 25 >
Give up some supplies now and you won't get your store looted later. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] All right, all right. I've got some extra leather armor and spare ammo for you. {pleading} Don't hurt anybody if you don't have to, all right? 25
Maybe the Powder Gangers will reward you later. Neutral 50 [FAILED] "Maybe" doesn't do much to convince me. No, just leave me out of this, all right? 26
< Speech 25 >
This is your chance to join the winning side. You have three seconds to decide. One... Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] All right! I can give you some of my extra leather armor and spare ammo. {pleading} Just don't hurt anybody if you don't have to, all right? 27
It's better if you help me out, so just do it. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Look, just leave me out of this, all right? 28
VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic011 Never mind. Neutral 50 Yeah, quit it with the crazy talk. 29
VFreeformGoodspringsGoodspringsChetTopic000 Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 I respect the way you've conducted yourself around here. Reminds me of myself in some ways. 30
Neutral 50 From now on, you want to buy from Chet's, I'll give you wholesale prices. 31
Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Can do. 32
VFreeformGoodspringsGoodspringsChetTopic001 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Take it easy now. 33
VFreeformGoodspringsGoodspringsChetTopic002 I need supplies to fight the Powder Gangers. Neutral 50 Now just hold on. I never voted to take on the Powder Gangers. That's a thousand cap investment you're talking about. 34
I need supplies to fight the Powder Gangers. Neutral 50 This again? Like I said, I'm against taking on the Powder Gangers. My supplies aren't cheap, you know. 35
VFreeformGoodspringsGoodspringsChetTopic003 Let them take over the town, then. I'm sure your business will be much better off. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] You made your point. I can provide people with some leather armor and extra ammo. I sure hope it's worth it. 36
Neutral 50 And, uh, I'll be guarding the store while all this is going on. I have to put my business first, you understand. 37
VFreeformGoodspringsGoodspringsChetTopic004 The town's at stake. That has to be worth more than a few supplies. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Look, you're bringing this on yourselves. There's no way I'm getting involved. But, hey, I'm sure you can buy what you need... {Emphasis on "buy".} 38
VFreeformGoodspringsGoodspringsChetTopic005 Never mind. Neutral 50 Right. Just keep me out of it. Is there anything else? 39
VFreeformGoodspringsGoodspringsChetTopic006 What do you know about the situation with the Powder Gangers? Neutral 50 If Ringo doesn't head out on his own, I think we should hand him over. The town shouldn't get itself mixed into the problem. 40
Neutral 50 Don't mistake that for coward talk, though. We're a town of survivors, and we'll fight tooth and nail if pushed, but we don't go looking for trouble. 41


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Take it easy now. 42