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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

The Glow Level 6 terminal.png

Dialogue for ZAX 1.2 (GLOW power terminal). Contains West Tek records and Power armor specs.


                                                        Primary Power: OFF-LINE
                          Secondary Power: ON-LINE}
{101}{}{Power Management}
{104}{}{Power Systems Management}
{105}{}{Primary Power}
{106}{}{Emergency Power}
{108}{}{Primary Power Management: OFF-LINE}
{109}{}{Reinitialize Primary Power}
{111}{}{Primary Power Management:
                                         ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!
                                              Primary System Initialization Failed}
{114}{}{Failure: Generator Level 6
                                      0 Feed Return: Inoperable
                                         Service Needed}
{116}{}{Emergency Power Management: ON-LINE}
{117}{}{Disable Emergency Power}
                                                        Primary Power: ON-LINE
                          Emergency Power: ON STANDBY}
{120}{}{Power Management}
{122}{}{Primary Power Management: ON-LINE}
{123}{}{Disable Primary Power}
                                                        Primary Power: ON-LINE}
{126}{}{d*s*bl* pr*m*ry p*w*r}
{127}{}{Disable Primary Power}
{129}{}{P*w*r S*st*ms M*n*g*m*nt}
{130}{}{pr*m*ry p*w*r}
{131}{}{*m*rg*ncy p**er}
{133}{}{pr*m*r p*w*r m*n*g*m*n*}
{134}{}{r**n*t**l*z* pr*m*ry p*w*r}
{136}{}{pr*m*r* p*w*r m*n*g*m*nt:
                                         *RR*R! *RR*R! *RR*R*!
                                             g*n*r*t*r n**ds r*p**r}
{138}{}{*m*rg*nc* p*w*r m*n*g*m*nt: *N-L*N*}
                                                        Primary Power: OFF-LINE
                          Emergency Power: OFF-LINE}
{140}{}{Enable Emergency Power}
{141}{}{d**gn*s* pr*m*r* p*w*r}
{142}{}{pr*m*r* p*w*r *v*l**t**n}
{143}{}{*n*bl* *m*rg*nc* p*w*r}
{144}{}{p*w*r m*n*g*m*nt r*s*rc*}
{146}{}{S*st*m *rr*r!
                                                        *nv*l*d *s*r. n*t*f* *dm*n*str*t**n.
                         S*st*m h*lt*d.}
{148}{}{d*s*bl* *m*rg*nc* p*w*r}
{200}{}{Grant me access to the Mainframe.}
{201}{}{Access denied. Terminating input.}
{202}{}{Access Granted.}
{203}{}{Main Menu}
{204}{}{Exit Mainframe}
{205}{}{Terminate Program}
{206}{}{Select Option}
{207}{}{Base Information}
{208}{}{Security Information}
{209}{}{Research Information}
{210}{}{Power Terminus}
{211}{}{West Tech Research Facility:
                                            Founded in 2002 as a private contractor for the United States government, the company initially consisted of two divisions--the Advanced Weapons Research and the Biomedical Sciences divisions.}
{241}{}{ In 2069, West Tech was the single largest contractor for the United States government; its largest contract being Powered Infantry Armor Model T-51b. }
{242}{}{In light of significant advances in 2076 by the NBC on the Pan-Immunity Virion Project, the United States Defense Department, in fear of international espionage,}
{243}{}{ moved a team onto the site to secure and oversee the project, now dubbed the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) project.}
                                                    Security Robots: Active}
                                                    Security Robots: Inactive}
{214}{}{Deactivate Security Robots}
{215}{}{Activate Security Robots}
                                                    Records most current at West Tech Research Facility}
{217}{}{Research Division Employees Records}
{218}{}{Power Armor. Status: Complete}
{219}{}{FEV (Force Evolutionary Virus). Status: Pending }
{220}{}{Research Personnel Records}
{221}{}{Robert Anderson
                                                    Research Assistant
                                                Security Clearance: Blue
                                   Stationed: Mariposa Military Base}
{222}{}{Nick Davis
                                                    Director of NBC Division of West Tech Research
              Security Clearance: Blue
                                           Stationed: West Tech Research Facility}
{223}{}{John Isaac
                                                    Research Assistant
                                            Security Clearance: Red
                                   Stationed: West Tech Research Facility}
{224}{}{Steve Remco
                                                    Research Assistant
                                            Security Clearance: Blue
                                   Stationed: Mariposa Military Base}
{225}{}{Charles Rignhold
                                                    Research Head of Laser Development
                          Security Clearance: Blue
                                      Stationed: West Tech Research Facility}
{226}{}{Michele Santose
                                                    Lab Technician
                                                    Security Clearance: Red
                                       Stationed: West Tech Research Facility}
{227}{}{Erin Shellman
                                                          Lab Technician
                                                    Security Clearance: Blue
                                       Stationed: Mariposa Military Base}
{228}{}{Leon VonFelden
                                                    Research Head of FEV
                                      Security Clearance: Blue
                                      Stationed: Mariposa Military Base}
{229}{}{Download Records to PIPBoy}
{231}{}{Power Armor Specs:
                                                    The T-51b Powered Infantry Armor is designed with the latest passive defense features for both civilian and military disturbances. }
{250}{}{The back-mounted TX-28 MircoFusion Pack generates 60,000 Watts to power the HiFlo hydraulic systems built into the frame of the suit. }
{251}{}{Made of the latest poly-laminate composite, the T-51b shell is lightweight and capable of absorbing over 2500 Joules of kinetic impact. }
{252}{}{The 10 micron silver ablative coating can reflect laser and radiation emissions without damage to the composite subsurface.}
{232}{}{FEV Summary Digest:
                                                    2073. As China became increasingly aggressive with their use of biological weapons, the United States government felt that a countermeasure was needed. The Pan-Immunity Virion Project (PVP) was officially formed September 15, 2073. }
{233}{}{2075. It became clear that the best way to combat the newly created biological weapons was to alter uninfected DNA so that it was no longer susceptible to standard viral infection.}
{234}{}{2076. Unforseen side effects began surfacing in early 2076 with the PVP. Animal test subjects began showing an abnormal growth rate accompanied by increased brain activity. }
{235}{}{The U.S. government took notice of these discoveries, and in the interests of national security, moved a team on-site to secure and oversee the project, which was now dubbed the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) project.}
{236}{}{2077. FEV nears completion. Test on lab animals are at a near 100% success rate. Size and muscle density increase approximately 60%, and the protentialIn-game spelling intelligence increase by 200%. }
{237}{}{Effects upon human subjects remain unknown; although they are theoretically promising. }
{238}{}{The military, wishing to continue further testing, builds a large facility at the Mariposa military installation in central California. At this new facility, testing of the FEV virus continues on volunteer subjects from the military.}
{239}{}{Command Received:
                          Command Executed}
{240}{}{Access Denied}