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{100}{}{You see another ghoul. He appears to be preoccupied.}
{100}{}{You see another ghoul. He appears to be preoccupied.}
{101}{}{You see [[Gordon (Gecko)|Gordon]] of [[Gecko]].}
{101}{}{You see [[Gordon (Gecko)|Gordon]] of [[Gecko (town)|Gecko]].}
{102}{}{You see a very nicely dressed ghoul with his hair slicked back.}
{102}{}{You see a very nicely dressed ghoul with his hair slicked back.}
{110}{}{I have no time for stupid people.}
{110}{}{I have no time for stupid people.}

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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

{100}{}{You see another ghoul. He appears to be preoccupied.}
{101}{}{You see Gordon of Gecko.}
{102}{}{You see a very nicely dressed ghoul with his hair slicked back.}
{110}{}{I have no time for stupid people.}
{111}{}{I have important work to do. Get out of here.}
{112}{}{You're just as stupid as the rest of them.}
{113}{}{This isn't the room for remedial reading lessons.}
{114}{}{Too much inbreeding among smoothskins, I guess.}
{120}{}{Hello there. My name's Gordon. Gordon of Gecko.}
{121}{}{Hello again }
{122}{}{Hello, Gordon. I'm }
{123}{}{Nice to meet you. I'm }
{124}{}{Gordon, what did you say you did here again?}
{125}{}{I'm just checking in on all my friends. Nice to see you again. Goodbye.}
{130}{}{I look for opportunities.}
{131}{}{Opportunites? Like what?}
{135}{}{I look for ways of maximizing my potential worth.}
{136}{}{Hmm, sounds like greed to me.}
{140}{}{I am greedy. But most people misunderstand greed. Greed is a powerful driving force. Throughout
history, mankind's greatest achievements were driven by men that wanted to better their positions.
Driven by greed. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.}
{141}{}{I'll take your word for that, Gordon. But what does greed have to do with Gecko?}
{150}{}{So far, not much. But in greed lies Gecko's salvation. I have important information about the
survival of Gecko, but I can't get anyone to listen to me.}
{151}{}{What kind of information?}
{160}{}{Well, I've calculated that if our reactor was running properly, we could generate an enormous
amount of excess power -- far more than Gecko needs.}
{161}{}{Yeah, so?}
{170}{}{Well, now that you've helped to repair our atomic power plant I have a much better chance of
getting what I want. Maximizing my potential.}
{171}{}{Maximizing your potential? What do you mean?}
{180}{}{I've also found out, from a very reliable source, that Vault City cannot expand without
additional power.}
{181}{}{Vault City can't expand?}
{182}{}{A very reliable source? Who?}
{190}{}{Vault City, you see, has enough power for their current needs - as long as they're careful. But
the Vault power plant that they use was never designed for the increased load their city is putting on
it. It's at peak capacity right now. Without more power, they can't expand.}
{191}{}{I don't see how that helps you.}
{200}{}{Well, if our power plant's working better, we could trade our excess power and technical
expertise to Vault City in exchange for medical technology. }
{210}{}{Without more power Vault City will burn out their reactor within 15 years. If Gecko's reactor
isn't repaired, we won't last half that time. Without medical technology, all of us Ghouls are going
to die off in the next 20 years, anyway. Everyone loses if Vault City and Gecko don't cooperate.}
{211}{}{So you're just a good Samaritan huh? Somehow, I don't buy that.}
{220}{}{Not at all. I've got my end covered. I'd be the natural choice to administer this project.
Greed is my driving force, but thousands of lives are saved by it. Greed is good. At least it would be,
if I could get anyone in Vault City to read my economic data.}
{221}{}{I don't think I'd want to see you administering anything.}
{222}{}{Hmm, I might be able to show the data to someone in Vault City.}
{223}{}{I bet Councilman McClure in Vault City would love to get his hands on that data. He seems
like someone who's ruled by reason more than prejudice.}
{224}{}{What a great story, Gordon. You're the best. (chuckle) I'll remember that one. Goodbye.}
{230}{}{I tally up economic data on Gecko's economy and report it to Harold. But he usually doesn't
listen to me.}
{231}{}{I'm sorry to hear that. Economic data on what?}
{232}{}{Well, I'm sure Harold's pretty busy. See you later.}
{240}{}{One night, I heard a voice calling to me from the reactor pit over there. A voice out of the
shadows. I didn't know what to think at first, but what the voice said sure made a lot of sense. Its
figures all check out, too. Don't know who or what the voice is, but the facts all tally up just like
it said. }
{241}{}{What did the voice say?}
{250}{}{Mostly on ways of maximizing potential worth. My potential worth. }
{251}{}{Your potential worth? Sounds to me like you're just greedy.}
{260}{}{Mostly on ways of maximizing potential worth. My potential worth. }
{261}{}{Your potential worth? Sounds to me like you're just greedy.}
{270}{}{Why not?}
{271}{}{I just don't buy your idea that greed is good. I bet you'd just sell off portions of whatever
you were supposed to administer and take off with the money. Goodbye.}
{272}{}{Because you left out the most important part of your plan. A partner - namely, me.}
{280}{}{Well, I have all the relevant economic data on a disk. You may have it, if you promise to show
the data to someone in Vault City that can understand and make use of the data it contains. But be
discreet with it... not everyone there will be happy you talked to us ghouls.}
{281}{}{I don't think I want to be stuck with your disk. Thanks anyway. Goodbye.}
{282}{}{Okay, I'll take the disk. I'm sure that I can put it into the right hands. Goodbye.}
{290}{}{Humph, I don't need your help. You're just a tribal.}
{291}{}{Well, I guess not all the bigots live in Vault City, do they, Gordie old boy? Goodbye.}
{300}{}{Our atomic power plant's still barely operational. You must not have taken the information to
Vault City yet.}
{301}{}{I don't think they'd be very receptive to ghoul data in Vault City.}
{302}{}{No, I haven't yet... but I will. Goodbye.}
{310}{}{Thanks for fixing our atomic power plant. The next step in old Gordon of Gecko's plan is working
nicely. Greed is a wonderful thing. You should be proud to be a part of this.}
{311}{}{Greed is good; right, Gordon? Well, I've got plans of my own to work on. Goodbye.}
{320}{}{We're doomed. We're all doomed. Nothing can save us now. Just go away.}
{321}{}{Just get away from me.}
{322}{}{Okay, goodbye.}
{330}{}{I really owe you. Now I can get everything I've ever wanted. All at Gecko and Vault City's
expense. Just as soon as I'm ratified as the new foreman. Yessir, that Harold's really out on his ass
{331}{}{Uh, yeah. Whatever, Gordon. (you roll your eyes). Well, I guess I'll be going now.}
{332}{}{You just better watch yourself, Gordon. The trip down is usually a lot faster than the trip up.
{340}{}{I see you have the symbol. Are you here for the information?}
{341}{}{The symbol?}
{342}{}{The information?}
{343}{}{Of course. I wear the symbol proudly, and I need the information right away.}
{344}{}{Shhh. Not now, brother. We're being watched. Goodbye.}
{350}{}{You wear the symbol of Renewal. You are one of us. Renew, comrade! Renew!}
{351}{}{Yes, I am one of us. Reno, uh, Renew!}
{352}{}{I just found this. What is it?}
{353}{}{I picked this off a corpse. What the heck is it?}
{360}{}{Did he send you for the data disk?}
{361}{}{Yes, of course I'm here for the disk. Hand it over right now.}
{362}{}{What disk?}
{370}{}{Ah, well, there can never be too many in our cause. More comrades means a better chance for old
Gordon here to get what he wants. Are you here for the disk?}
{371}{}{What disk?}
{372}{}{I think the radiation has fried your brain. I'm leaving. Goodbye.}
{380}{}{Here it is, but don't let the wrong person know that you have it. Give it only to Councilman
McClure in Vault City.}
{381}{}{Yes, of course. Uh, Renew, brother.}
{382}{}{I'm not bringing any ghoul disk into Vault City - they'd put my head on a stick for that.
{390}{}{It's the economic data disk that proves that Gecko and Vault City must both work together in
order for either of us to survive. Are all of you smoothskins such smallbrains?}
{391}{}{Oh, yes, that disk; sure I'll take it.}
{392}{}{That sounds like really complicated stuff, all right. Too much for a pinhead like myself to
understand. Goodbye.}
{400}{}{Ah, of course. (wink, wink) We have all "found" the symbol. Renew, comrade! Are you here for the
{401}{}{Yes, I am. Where is it?}
{402}{}{What disk?}
{403}{}{No, not really. I think I'd better leave now. Goodbye.}
{410}{}{A corpse? Which one of us died?}
{411}{}{Uh, I mean it was given to me.}
{412}{}{Which one died? You're all dead. You're friggin ghouls, aren't you? One of your ghoul friends
gave it to me.}
{413}{}{Well, you should really ask which one of you I haven't killed. By the way -- you're next.}
{414}{}{No, you misunderstood me. I said I joined the corps. Renew brother!}
{420}{}{The facts speak for themselves. If you show it to someone with an open enough mind, the data
will do all the convincing they'll need.}
{421}{}{Well, okay. I'll try it. Goodbye.}
{422}{}{I'll think about it. Goodbye.}
{500}{}{. What do you do here?}
{501}{}{. See you later, Gordon. Goodbye.}
{600}{}{Thanks for the information Gordon. Goodbye.}

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