If they're comin' over here now, it's got to be for a reason. I didn't want to believe the rumors that they're looking to take over Vegas, but now...The King

G.I. Blues is a side quest and an achievement/trophy in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: G.I. Blues
Talk to The King.
Purchase the services of Orris the bodyguard.
Follow him till a suspicious ambush.
Expose Orris as a fraud.
Kill Orris.
Report the result back to The King.
Talk to the victims of the attack.
Bring your findings to the King.
(Optional) Talk to Julie Farkas and receive information about an NCR benefactor.
Speak with the NCR missionaries.
Bring your findings to the King.
Resolve the firefight between Pacer and the NCR.
Reward: 500-1500 XP
Freeside fame
One favor of the Courier's choice
If the firefight is resolved with hostilities: NCR infamy

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Orris the bodyguardEdit

The first request from The King is to hire the bodyguard named Orris, and see why he's so popular with the local tourists. You have two options:

Hiring him the first timeEdit

The King will supply you 200 caps in order to hire Orris. Orris can be found among the other bodyguards in Freeside, near the north entrance. The competing guards all offer services to incoming tourists of the town. You are tasked by The King to act as a tourist in order to hire Orris in order to investigate his suspicious ways.

Once hired, Orris will boast about his reputation as a bodyguard, and will give you a quick tour throughout Freeside. You will be asked to follow him directly without sidetracking, giving you quick rundowns of the town's notable locations. He will first show you the Old Mormon Fort, which is the first destination you will pass. Then you will both continue running through the gate to the next area. Here, you will pass by the King's School of Impersonation, the Atomic Wrangler casino, and the Silver Rush. Finally, you will continue to the path toward the Strip North Gate, where the tour will seemingly end.

But just as the tour will conclude, Orris will insist on taking a detour, sensing some "thugs" ahead. As you run through this detour, Orris will then suddenly run ahead and shoot his gun against four thugs waiting to ambush, killing them. He will reassure you that there's "nothing to worry about," and will continue towards the conclusion of the tour. You will be given an option to further examine the sudden turn of events by doing the following:

  • With an Intelligence of 6, you can question why Orris fired three shots from his gun while there were four thugs present. If successful, Orris will claim that he precisely shot two thugs with one bullet. If you claim that he is lying, he will suggest that you keep the theory to yourself.
    • You can threaten Orris's illegitimacy with a following Barter check of 50. If successful, he will pay you with 348 caps. If you fail, he will reluctantly reject your threat and will suggest finishing up the tour.
  • With a Medicine skill of 30, you can check the thugs' bodies. If successful, you will find out that they are merely pretending to be dead.

Once you have acquired proof that Orris is a fraud, you must report back to The King. He will tell you that Orris will be pulled out of the streets "when no one's looking." Now that you have proven to be reliable, The King will task you with another job that is a "little bit more important."

Hiring him the second timeEdit

There are two possible ways that can lead you to hiring him a second time:

  • Not investigating Orris' con further by either not examining the bodies, or failing the required Intelligence and Medicine checks.
  • Encountering Freeside thugs along the way. Once they are killed, Orris will tell you to be more careful and will return to his original spot.

Not noticing anything peculiar with him will lead you to report back to The King, claiming that he appears to be legitimate. The King will not be satisfied with this, and will ask you to hire him a second time, without providing the 200-cap fund.

Once you rehire him, Orris will lead you directly to the final destination of the tour. He will claim that he saw you "being friendly" with The King, according to his men, who were the four thugs from earlier. This will turn him hostile, forcing you to fight him and his gang of four thugs.

After they have been dealt with, report back to The King. Shrugging off the error with Orris aside, you will be tasked with another job.

Additional notesEdit

  • You can wake up the thugs by attacking them. This will cause both Orris and the thugs to become hostile toward you. This is also the same case if you attack Orris.
  • Attacking and killing Orris instead of hiring him carries no penalty and still allows you to complete the quest.

Investigate the NCR attacksEdit

The King will claim that the town's locals have resented the sheer number of newcomers since the Strip was built. The newcomers, which are mostly made up of NCR citizens, have gotten ornery of being resented. And so, violence between the locals and the NCR citizens brewed. Some of The King's friends have fallen victim to this violence; he asks you to investigate who caused the attacks. They are located in the Old Mormon Fort, currently recovering from the attack.

The King's FriendsEdit

The victims will be found at the tent to the right once you enter the fort. You must first talk to Roy, who wishes to be left alone with his friend and fellow victim. Mentioning The King will change his attitude, and will want to reveal everything he can to find their attackers. He will say that they were attacked at night, after they had just spent their caps at the Atomic Wrangler. They ended up in the squatter side of town, where they engaged in an argument against two "big guys" after asking them if they were locals. He managed to only get a quick glance, as he found himself face down in the dirt the whole time the fight happened. He will prompt you to talk to his friend Wayne, the other victim, who saw more action than he did. As Wayne suffered more from the fight, he has trouble remembering what he saw. At first, he will claim that the men were "better dressed" than most Freesiders. Upon further thought, he recalls that one of the guys uttered the name "Lou Tenant." Roy will correct him, saying that the word is "Lieutenant."

NOTE: If the player questions Wayne's story by asking, "You're not hiding something from me, are you?" the player will lose fame in Freeside. However, if the player instead tells Wayne, "Every bit helps. Thanks" the player will gain fame in Freeside.

Inform The King that his friends were attacked by soldiers. He will ask you to look around at the squatter areas where the "NCR folk hang", so that he can clear up the rumor that the NCR is taking over much of New Vegas. He will also ask you to talk to Julie Farkas, who might have some information about the presence of the NCR in Freeside.

The NCREdit

You are tasked to find out why more and more NCR citizens are entering the town. You must go to the squatter areas, where NCR missionaries can be found.

If you decide to talk to the missionaries, they will ask if you are a citizen of the NCR, since they are offering free meals. If you agree that you are a citizen, they will administer a quick test to "verify your citizenship status." The three questions are as follows:

  • Question 1 - Who is the most popular NCR President of all time?
  • Question 2 - What was the original capital of the NCR?
  • Question 3 - What animal is on the NCR Flag?

These are the correct answers for the questions:

  • Question 1 - President Tandi.
  • Question 2 - Shady Sands.
  • Question 3 - Two-Headed Bear.

If you fail the test the first time, you will be able to retake it again, though the missionary will have doubts. Alternatively, you can get the location by passing a Speech check of 50 or offer to bribe the missionary with 100 caps if you pass a Barter check of 70 (The caps will not be taken from your inventory, as merely the offer of the bribe is enough to convince the missionary to give you the password). Once you are successful, the missionary will tell you the location of the soup kitchen and password ("Hope") to enter it. You can also bribe Rotface, a street ghoul knowledgeable about Freeside, for both information on the soldiers and the password.

  • Note: You can also speak to Rot Face for the password for 150 caps or by passing a speech check (Barter 25) he will sell it to you for 50 caps, then return to the missionary for the 70 Barter check if you want to burn caps for xp. as long as you decline to pay rot face after passing the speech check (barter 25) you will continue to receive XP even though you didn't pay him.
  • Another Option: The missionaries carry a note that you can steal without karma loss to pass this part of the quest.

Alternatively, you can go to the NCR soup kitchen after speaking to Julie Farkas.She will claim that a friend of hers has been distributing food to the poor a little west of the fort. Telling her to mention Julie's name will make her open up about discussing the matter.

The NCR soup kitchen is located at the train station area in the north-west corner of Freeside. The path toward the soup kitchen will be difficult to follow, as it will be somewhat hidden by rubble. The entrance will be guarded by two NCR troopers in casual attire who will ask you for the password in order to enter the soup kitchen, but you can ask the trooper on the left for permission to speak to the Major with a Speech check of 30.[verified]

Once there, talk to Elizabeth Kieran, the administrator of the relief effort. She will be at the front counter, and will give you free food once you engage in conversation with her. If you ask her why she only serves food to NCR citizens, she will say that it isn't a "pleasant topic of conservation." If you talked to Julie Farkas earlier, mentioning her name will make Elizabeth reveal more.

Conflict with the KingsEdit

She will claim that she sent an envoy to The King before, offering to coordinate the relief effort. However, the envoy returned brutally beaten; because of this, Elizabeth was ordered by her superiors to scrap the project. She continues the effort anyway, but with less supplies to distribute; therefore, she can only distribute food to NCR citizens and not the rest of Freeside.

Return to The King with this new piece of information. Just as you enter the building, Pacer, The King's right-hand man, will interfere and engage in conversation with you. He will claim that Elizabeth's side of the story is a lie, and it has nothing to bother The King with. The envoy they sent was more of a "spy" that "wasn't tough enough to last in Freeside." From here, you have a few options to respond:

  • You can demand caps from him for your silence; Pacer will give you 200 caps. With a Barter skill of 50, he will give you an additional 100 caps.
  • Ignore him and tell The King anyway.
  • Shake him down for 200 caps, and tell The King anyway. There is no Karma or Reputation loss for this, and Pacer will not turn hostile.

Any of these options will lead to Pacer leaving the premises, saying that he has "business" to take care of.

Tell the King that the NCR is distributing food to NCR citizens only. This will lead The King to conclude about the "goons" attacking locals. He will be surprised if you mention the envoy, who was sent to talk to him; apparently, he has no knowledge of such occurrence. Just as The King is piecing together the evidence, a henchman of his will interrupt the conversation. He will say that a shootout between Pacer and the NCR has erupted in the train station. The King will order you to defuse the situation right away.

Additional notesEdit

  • The missionary does not comment on whether your answers are correct or not until you have passed the whole test, which can lead to misunderstanding if one of the first two questions was answered incorrectly. This is not a bug but an intended feature.
  • Finding the soup kitchen may prove difficult if you rely only on your compass marker. Approaching it from town guided by just the compass markers will make it look like you are there already. There is a simple way to get there from the Silver Rush building:
    • Looking out from the Silver Rush doors, cross the street and enter the small destroyed building in which Bill Ronte would be found.
    • Take the door located on the ground floor. On the other side, head north, and then turn left under the motorway bridge pillars.
    • As you reach the burnt out car (next to the train tracks), turn left and follow the road heading south-west, parallel to more motorway bridge pillars. The building will be on the left-hand side.
  • If you do not mention the envoy to the King, you will have no choice but to defuse the situation between the NCR and Pacer violently. It is possible to avoid knowing about the envoy if you do not talk to and mention Julie Farkas when talking to Elizabeth.


Once you get to the train station (which is nearby the NCR soup kitchen), you will find dead King's gang members scattered around and Pacer hiding behind a waiting station booth, receiving heavy fire from the NCR troopers.

If you chose to be honest with The King and tell him what Elizabeth said about sending an envoy, then you will need to confront NCR to defuse the situation (Peaceful good resolution.) In order to approach the NCR without them pointing their guns at you, you must holster your weapons (even if you are unarmed). There you will find Elizabeth Kieran, standing behind the NCR troopers who have opened fire. Tell her that The King is willing to cooperate. Elizabeth will feel apprehensive at first, once again reiterating the conflict with the envoy. But once you clear up that it wasn't The King's fault for the envoy's condition, she will agree and will want to work something out with the Kings. She will then tell her men to stand down.

Return to The King with the news that the situation has been defused peacefully. He will say that "it's time for a little more talkin' and a little less fightin."

If, on the other hand, you just tell the King that they are serving to NCR Residents, then you will be instructed to "Head to the supply drop building and see if Pacer needs help". Pacer can then be found at the bus stop near the ruined store where the hand-outs were taking place. When you get there, talk to him; if you have 50 barter, a dialogue option is available to shake down his remaining 150 caps. Pacer will leave and you will have to fight the troops. You will receive NCR infamy and negative Karma for killing them.

Return to The King with the news that the situation ended the way it did and he is happy that the matter's been resolved. You will gain Freeside fame.

The King's favorEdit

For all of your deeds, The King will offer you one favor from him. This favor can be:

  • Free entrance to the Strip. With The King's word, Ralph of Mick & Ralph's will forge you a fake passport for free.
  • Permission to join the Kings, giving you a Kings outfit and free haircuts from Sergio, the Kings' hair stylist.
  • 1000 bottle caps.
  • Using the favor later on to clear a matter regarding the Kings' continued violence against the NCR.

You will also be awarded with 1500 Experience Points.

Quest stagesEdit

10 Hire a guard named Orris near the northern gate of Freeside.
20 Follow Orris to the south gate and watch for any suspicious behavior.
25 Return to the King and report that you've learned nothing about Orris.
26 Hire Orris again and report what you've learned about Orris.
30 Return to the King and report what you've learned about Orris.
31 Return to the King and report that Orris is dead.
32 Return to the King and report that Orris is gone.
60 Go to the Old Mormon Fort and question some injured locals about their assailants.
65 Return to the King with your findings.
70 Head to one of the Squatter camps in Freeside and learn why NCR soldiers have been entering the area.
71 (Optional) Talk to Julie Farkas and see if the Followers know anything about the situation.
72 (Optional) Talk to Major Elizabeth Kieran, and mention Julie Farkas if she's reluctant to help.
73 (Optional) Inform the King that the NCR previously sent an envoy to discuss distributing supplies to Freeside.
75 Ask around the Squatter camp to find a lead regarding why NCR soldiers are in Freeside.
80 Investigate rumors of free food and water being handed out nightly in the northwest part of Freeside.
90 Return to the King and inform him of the NCR supply drops.
95 Head to the supply drop building and see if Pacer needs any help.
96 Kill all of the NCR troops holed up by the train station in northwest Freeside
98 Head to the train station in northwest Freeside and try to negotiate with the NCR.
100Icon checkReturn to the King and let him know the situation with the NCR has been taken care of.
101Icon checkReturn to the King and let him know the situation with the NCR has been defused.


  • If you attack one of the thugs pretending to be dead, one of them will say "Okay. Orris isn't paying us enough to put up with this crap. Let's just kill this one and get it over with." All four will turn hostile afterward. If this happens when Orris's escorting has been done and he's returned to his original position, he won't know it's you killing them. AND every King will be hostile toward Orris, though he's tough enough to survive all the fights to the final ambush. Still, when you hire him the second time, he will lead you to the final ambush, though this time the four dead thugs won't help him.
  • The NCR missionary might be killed by Freeside thugs before the player can arrive at his location. If this happens, the player incorrectly gains infamy with the NCR, as if the missionary was killed by the player. This will not fail the quest, however.
  • After dealing with Orris, but before being confronted by Pacer, the King will be found at the third floor of the building instead of the first floor.
  • If you use turbo as Orris runs ahead, you can watch the thugs 'die'. One of them falls before Orris starts shooting.
  • When attempting to defuse the situation between the NCR and Pacer, you must not have a weapon drawn (including raising your fists), or they will become hostile.
  • While the NCR troopers are shooting at Pacer, they will not be present in the ruined store, nor will any of the squatters from the NCR. After the shootout, the NCR will return to the building.
  • If you resolve the fight peacefully, attempting to have conversation with the NCR troopers while they are walking away will respond as if they are in their original locations.
  • Killing Pacer during the mission will result in a mission failure.
  • The quest marker to Elizabeth Kieran can be misleading. While in South Freeside near Atomic Wrangler, the quest marker will point towards Atomic Wrangler because it is actually pointing to the NW door (in the abandoned house) to North Freeside behind the Atomic Wrangler, not the Atomic Wrangler itself.
  • If you have Cass in your party, when following Orris through the gate to Freeside, she may pick a fight with the Silver Rush crier just inside the gate. Letting Cass kill the Crier will result in no Karma loss, but will cause Simon to turn hostile and force you into a fight with the entire Van Graff family.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • G.I. Blues is the name of a movie starring Elvis Presley. It is also the name of a song that is sung by Elvis.
  • The victims you are sent to speak with at Mormon Fort are Roy, Wayne, and Farris. Roy Wayne Farris is better known as former WWF/WWE professional wrestler "The Honky Tonk Man", who based his looks and character off Elvis Presley
  • The King's line of dialogue "Maybe it's time for a little more talkin' and a little less fightin'." is a reference to the song "A Little Less Conversation" which was written for and performed by Elvis Presley.


  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 After hiring Orris, you can encounter a bug where he just stands there pointing his gun instead of shooting the thugs. You can fix this two ways. First, you can kill the thugs yourself which will advance the quest. However, after Orris runs off, he can sometimes die mysteriously before making it back to Freeside's north entrance. Second, you can run around the block - from Orris's position, head past the thugs and back on to the main road. Turn right and proceed down the road Orris initially detoured on, then right again, and you'll find yourself at Orris, having circled the building. Run up to Orris and talk to him, using whatever speech options you like, and when you close the dialogue, he will activate again and continue with you to the New Vegas gate as normal. This bug may be caused by pick pocketing Orris's ammunition, even though he will still have some in his gun. Reloading another save will also fix this bug. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When asked to investigate the presence of NCR soldiers in Freeside, if the player doesn't ask Julie Farkas about the NCR before talking to Elizabeth Kieran, you may encounter a bug when asked to back up Pacer in the shootout with the NCR, where Pacer simply runs continuously into a wall with no dialogue options available. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc If you convince Orris you know the men laying down are alive, saving and loading the save will have them now standing. Attempting communication will have the same result as if they were still laying down. Orris will be waiting for you to catch up to him as if you did not figure out the scam. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes if you look close enough, a King's member will be standing with the "men who don't look good up ahead". If you attack Orris and the thugs, the member will assist you. After the fight, the member will become stuck in place with an aggressive expression stuck on his face with his gun still drawn. No interactions are possible with the King member at this point. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes after returning to Orris, the King might disappear, making the quest impossible to finish. If this happens, he may be up stairs in his room. In order to get there from the entrance, you must go around the counter, left followed by right, right at the end of the corridor and up the stairs. Then immediately turn left twice and then right once, right at the Kings Gang Member after the door and up the stairs. Immediately turn right then left. The second door on the left will be King's room.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When the Kings gang member interrupts the King's conversation, the player might get stuck in the cutscene. The Kings gang member will get stuck, trying to run through Rex. After some time, the gang member will reach the intended spot. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 When speaking to the mercenaries at the NCR Squatter camps to verify you are a NCR citizen, the last question about what is on the NCR flag (the answer being, of course, a two-headed bear) can yield no correct answers, even if you repeatedly pick the correct one, and thus being unable to verify to them you are an NCR citizen. Also, previous selections in the second question about where the New California Republic was born are not faded.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc If the player skips right to The Strip and works for Ambassador Crocker, he will ask you to either assassinate Pacer, or convince The King to stop the violence to NCR citizens. If the player chooses to assassinate Pacer, after receiving G,I, Blues (having not hired Orris yet), G.I. Blues will be failed. The player can still hire Orris but The King will refuse to talk to you, making all further dialogue with him impossible to reach. This means Rex will not be able to follow you.[verified]
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