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This is a transcript for dialogue with Fuzzy Brenda.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00598AEE 00598B31 Abandoned? Are you blind? Just look at all the happy customers! They're all over the place! They're all Scorched monsters
2 They're positively rabid!
3 00598AF0 00598B2A Dangerous? Hardly! Why, you're just as likely to get hurt walking down the street meow-adays.
4 Appalachia ain't what it used to be. Under his breath
5 00598AF3 00598B15 I do say! And I dare say you could use an attitude adjustment.
6 I know what will cheer you up. Park info!
7 C'mon, I know you have questions about our beautiful amusement park.
8 00598AF4 00598B13 I sure am! Could anyone else pull off this bow tie? Chuckling
9 00598AF5 00598B2C Make sure to exit through the gift shop! It's, uh, over there.
10 00598AF7 00598B2F Me? Why I'm Mr. Fuzzy! Don't you recognize me?
11 I may look a bit under the weather, but it's your favorite cat in the flesh. Definitely. Costume is torn and soiled
12 00598AF9 00598B1D Now, I know they seem a bit "fierce," but they're just excited like everyone else.
13 Camden Park brings that out in people. One big green one was a huge fan of bear hugs.
14 Violently strong bear hugs. Man does he love his Mr. Fuzzy.
15 00598AFA 00598B28 Now, now, let's play nice, shall we? After all, a bit of rowdiness can be good for the soul!
16 And they are paying customers, too, after all. Emphasis on "are"
17 00598AFC 00598B3F Oh, great... You're lucky it's my job to answer your questions, or we'd be having a very different conversation right now.
18 00598B40 Hey stranger. Ready to toss some Dross? Maybe muck up a storm? Or how about chowing down on some delicious hot dogs?
19 All of the above - and more - are possible at wonderful Camden Park!
20 00598B41 Welcome back, valued customer! How can I help you enjoy your day today?
21 00598AFE 00598B22 PURR-fect! Now that's what I like to hear!
22 So, is there anything you want to know about our a-MEOW-zing amusement park?
23 00598B01 00598B16 Scor-? Uh, anyway, yeah. Exactly! Who doesn't just want to have fun?
24 And Camden Park is the PURR-fect place for it!
25 00598B04 00598B32 The entrance is right this way!
26 00598B33 Welcome! And don't mind the other guests. They can get... excitable. The other guests are Scorched monsters
27 00598B34 Welcome to Camden Park, the eighth Wonder of Appalachia!
28 00598B35 Hey, welcome back! Hope you MEOW-nage to have some fun today!
29 00598B36 Another satisfied customer returns.
30 00598B37 I knew the crowds wouldn't keep you away for long. A little smug
31 00598B38 Seeing you again makes me purr with joy.
32 00598B3B Step right up and enjoy the magnificent Camden Park!
33 00598B05 00598B1B Tickets are rrr-ight this way!
34 And despite all the visitors, the lines are looking short. It's like you have the park all to yourself!
35 00598B06 00598B25 That's right! The classic Shunt-N-Bunt! However they're out of order at the moment...
36 Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Please take these tokens as an apology.
37 00598B08 00598B3E Wait, don't leave! You just got here! Desperate
38 00598B0A 00598B18 Well why rely on little ol' me to convince you?
39 Go on in and try the rides for yourself! They're to die for.
40 00598B0D 00598B23 Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm going to have to politely request that you leave the other guests alone.
41 Camden Park is a family friendly establishment. If I see any roughhousing on the premises I'm within my rights to call security.
42 So play nice, you hear?
43 00598B0E 00598B1F Why, we have more than I could ever name!
44 There's the world famous Widow Maker roller coaster! The gravity defying Radioactive Roundup!
45 And who could forget the Strip Miner? That one's a doozy.
46 00598B0F 00598B21 Why, who else would I be?
47 Not some schlub in a cat suit, that's for sure. Nervous laughter
48 00598B11 00598B1A You can, uh, what? Nervous laughter
49 *sigh* Ok, really? You really going to be the person to spoil the magic for all the kids out there? Under his breath
50 I have an idea. Here. Is this enough? Under his breath
51 Take these and scram before little Billy or somebody hears you spouting that nonsense. Under his breath
52 The nerve of some people. Under his breath
53 00598B12 00598B27 You what? I- *sigh* Alright. Sure. I'm not really Mr. Fuzzy. Who could ever hope to be? Confused but touched; sharing a deep secret
54 My name is Brenda. I am merely Mr. Fuzzy's representative in this cruel world. Why he has abandoned us in this trying time is a mystery even to me. Still deluded
55 Until the chosen time comes and he reveals himself, I have taken it upon myself to be his emissary, spreading joy where I can.
56 Thank you for understanding, and for keeping this a secret. I know I can trust you. Meow.
57 00599435 0059943F Fire away!
58 00599437 0059944A Of course! I aim to please!
59 00599439 00599441 I'm all ears! Big, fuzzy ears.