Future Weapons Today is a skill magazine in Fallout: New Vegas.


A pre-War magazine that is entirely devoted to energy weapons. It is similar to the book Nikola Tesla and You, although this magazine's effects are temporary.

The March issue prominent in the Mojave Wasteland includes an interview with Colonel Moretti, slamming the venerable Winchester P94 plasma rifle, an article on the new fully-automatic Gatling lasers, AER9 laser rifles, light and compact Tesla cannons and a story covering a marine sniper with a Wattz 2000 laser rifle in Nanjing on page 42.


Reading this magazine raises the Energy Weapons skill by 10 points (20 points with the Comprehension perk) for 60 seconds (180 seconds with Retention).


This item can be crafted by the player character.

Creation requirements

Icon range
Repair: 25
Picking up a copy of Future Weapons Today after the Voracious Reader perk is chosen.
Icon level
Future Weapons Today (1)

¹ Craftable without a workbench via a dialogue option with Veronica, or with ED-E once the add-on Lonesome Road is installed.


Below is a list of all fixed locations of Future Weapons Today skill magazines in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-ons. For an overview of magazines per location, see the main overview page.

Closest map markerLocation description
The Aerie Gametitle-FNV HHUnder the bed
Camp GolfHouse Resort, second floor on top of a filing cabinet, next to the broken terminal at the end of the southern hallway
Camp GolfInside the Misfits' tent
Camp McCarranInside the storage tent in the parking lot
Cottonwood CoveMale restrooms, on the floor
Followers safehouseOn the left most bed in the safe house next to the advanced radiation suit
Gun RunnersInside the building, visible in a nightstand in the toilet area of the barracks
Lucky 38On a table in the cocktail lounge
Lucky 38In the presidential suite
NiptonNipton Hall, on the shelf just behind the mayor's desk
Ruined highway interchange Gametitle-FNV LRJust south of the map marker on the highway, in a blue and orange striped trailer, together with a Patriot's Cookbook, Milsurp Review and ¡La Fantoma!
Violet's trailer fortTo the south, in a box on a shelf
Whittaker farmsteadOne at a shelf in the kitchen


On the magazine in the loading screens, the weapon being held is a Gatling laser, but the actual magazine shows a minigun.


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