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For an overview of fusion core models, see fusion core.
If you're too lazy to visit a power plant, why not make your own fusion core from highly unstable materials?Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p.105

The fusion core is an ammunition type in Fallout 76.


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Standardized fusion cores are a high-grade, long-term nuclear battery used for military and commercial applications before the Great War.[1] Used by civilians to power a multitude of devices, from automobiles,[2] to generators,[3] the military instead used them for warfare, supplying power armor and some Gatling laser models with energy. Standard core interfaces were developed across the board to allow for power armor frames to use cores salvaged from weapons or generators.[4] The fusion core also can be hooked up to certain melee weapons via jumper cables.[5] A specialized variant of the fusion core was developed for use in certain plasma weapons.[6]

Another benefit is that cores can be set to overload, for use as improvised explosives or to deny a power armor suit to the enemy by destroying it.[7]


Fusion cores are used to power and activate suits of power armor and as ammo in certain weapons, such as the Gatling laser, which utilizes fusion cores as its ammunition; each fully-charged core provides 500 shots.


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Fusion core (1)
Fusion core (2)
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Ultracite fusion core (2)

Weapon/armor using this ammunitionEdit


Fusion cores can be found, created or received as quest rewards. There are currently several ways to obtain them:

  • Scavenge for power armor: On every suit of power armor, one will find a fusion core at quarter charge.
  • Search for fusion generators: Fusion generators encountered while exploring may contain a fusion core; if not, the player character may wait for one to spawn.
  • Craft them: Player characters can craft fusion cores at chemistry stations if they have the right components.
  • Craft Gatling lasers: Each crafted Gatling laser contains a fully charged fusion core.
  • Create them: Providing 100 power to a fusion core processor found at one of the power plants generates 1 fully charged fusion core every 7.5 minutes. The processor holds a maximum of three fusion cores that will need to be collected regularly before it can produce more.
  • Destroy robots: certain models of robot, such as sentry bots, may drop a fusion core on death.
  • Successfully finishing Line in the Sand rewards two fusion cores.
Fixed spawns
  • Big Bend Tunnel - In a fusion generator in the storage room with the mole rats.
  • Fort Defiance - In the locked armory on the third floor, on the bottom row of a metal shelf in the southeast corner.
  • Palace of the Winding Path - on metal shelves next to the generator in the basement
  • Wade Airport - in the air traffic control tower, on the desk.


PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone Before patch, fusion cores would replenish to full charge upon joining another world.[verified]


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