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A sophisticated power storage device, compatible with many pre-war artifacts.

The fusion battery is a quest item in Fallout Tactics.


The Brotherhood of Steel uses fusion batteries as a power source for some advanced equipment. The Warrior's squad was sent to the tribal village of Peoria, to retrieve fusion batteries from a pre-War storehouse over which the village was built. To complete the mission, three batteries must be found. However, by completing an additional objective, the Warrior can obtain a 4th battery, which can be researched by Brotherhood scribes.


  • Peoria bunker underground, northern part, in the blue locker in the room with several lockers and a safe (use the pass key to enter the room);
  • Peoria bunker underground, south-eastern part, found in the blue locker;
  • Peoria bunker underground, south-western part in yet another blue locker, in the room with Roachor;
  • (Optional) Peoria village, given by Chevron if Warrior manages to save villagers from being killed by laser turrets.

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