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Recruit Gail and Ra-Ra for the Vault 79 heist.

Fun and Games is a main quest for the Raiders in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.

Quick walkthrough

Fun and Games
Speak with Gail.
Enter Grafton Steel Underground.
Find Ra-Ra.
Destroy the robots.
Speak with Ra-Ra.
Try to find Ra-Ra's Toy.
Speak with Ra-Ra.
Destroy the robots.
Speak with Ra-Ra.
Follow Ra-Ra.
Speak with Ra-Ra.
Follow Ra-Ra.
Speak with Ra-Ra.
Follow Ra-Ra.
Clear the way for Ra-Ra.
Follow Ra-Ra.
Speak with Ra-Ra.
Follow Ra-Ra.
Pick up Ra-Ra's toy.
Destroy the sentry bot.
Speak with Ra-Ra.
Speak with Meg.
Reward: ? XP
Leads to: The Ol' Weston Shuffle

Detailed walkthrough

To start the quest, the Vault Dweller has to speak with Gail at the Core, and ask her about Ra-Ra whereabouts. Passing a Charisma 8+ check, they can cut straight to the chase, otherwise they have to navigate the dialogue tree without angering Gail. Remaining calm is a strong trigger, as is acting indifferent or irate. Once done, Gail explains that Ra-Ra is in danger and vaguely describes Grafton Steel as the last place she saw her.

Travel to Grafton Steel and enter the Grafton Steel Underground from the marked grating below the site's main drainage pipes. Once inside, engage the security Protectrons, which are found on the ground floor after entering via the pipe entrance, and more up the stairs to the second floor. Once the robots are destroyed, Ra-Ra emerges from the ventilation shaft by the security gate, where she had been hiding.

Speak with her, and she explains that she needs to find her favorite toy, Bunnabun, before she is willing to leave. Note that it is impossible to convince her otherwise. In order to get past the security gate, speak to Ra-Ra again, who remarks that the door is locked. She then offers to crawl through the ventilation pipes in order to open the door from the other side. After a brief moment, she appars on the other side, and presses the emergency response button on the security terminal. This results in additional hostile Protectrons showing up. Once they are defeated, the lockdown for Sector Alpha is lifted, and Ra-Ra's button pressing habits can be commented on, by speaking with her near the next security gate.

Once the security gate is opened, Ra-Ra enters another ventilation pipe across the shut door and into an open area on the other side. Traverse the area around the perimeter, defeating additional robots on the way. Ra-Ra then drops out of the vent, mentioning that she had to take a break due to the heat and saying that she is hungry. She can then be offered any cooked or pre-packaged consumable, for example Sugar Bombs, in exchange for a minor increase to Raider reputation. She is thankful if being given food, and opens the locked security doors after entering the ventilation pipes again.

Pass through the next hallway, and enter a two-story area with a fabricator pod upstairs, from which an Assaultron spawns. Once destroyed, access the pressure sensor override terminal upstairs. Using the terminal opens the locked security doors below. The next hallway contains a power armor station with a unique looking helmet. Ra-Ra can be asked to open the door, and will do so, if she has been treated nice before. Otherwise, she has to be asked nicely for her help.

Continue to the next large area, the steel mill foundry, also known as Sector Bravo. Here, Ra-Ra needs help with turrets and more robots. Traverse the control rooms, defeat any robots encountered, and shut down the turrets by accessing security terminals and diverting power. A password for the first terminal is located on a desk just to the right of it. After shutting down the first set of turrets, access the security door terminal to open the door, then continue along the hallways and catwalk in order to reach the second control room. Access another security terminal, with its password found on the nearby desk, and shut down the second set of turrets, which allows Ra-Ra to safely move forward. The second security door is opened the same way, through the terminal. Head through the door and turn left, where Ra-Ra awaits. Optionally, the lower level of the sector can now be explored, although an Assaultron will spawn from a fabricator pod hidden in a corner.

Upon speaking with Ra-Ra about the locked door, she will mention that she found a keycard on a skeleton in the vent, and hands both the keycard and a note over. The keycard can then be used on the ID reader in order to open the door. After traveling down the hallway and defeating more robots, meet up with Ra-Ra again after the last security door, where she menntions finding a pulse grenade and drops it from the vent. Continue to the locked security doors straight down the hall, defeating two more robots spawning from fabricator pods.

The unlocked security doors lead to the final area, with Bunnabun lying next to a dead radrat. Collecting it causes a legendary sentry bot to spawn from a nearby pod. The sentry bot attacks, and Ra-Ra helps once more by dropping grenades from the vent. Once the sentry bot is defeated, speak with Ra-Ra again and tell her about the Vault 79 raid, and she will go back to the Crater. When asked about the raid, her reply depends on how nice or mean she was treated in conversations during this quest.

Finally, speaking to Meg at the Crater Core completes the quest, and ensures both Ra-Ra and Gail's support for the Vault 79 heist. Meg then talks about the next quest, The Ol' Weston Shuffle.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Speak with GailMeg thinks we're going to need to bring along the big guns to break into the former government-owned Vault 79, and for that, we'll need to get Gail the Super Mutant on board. I should speak with her.
Enter Grafton Steel UndergroundGail's little girl and best friend, Ra-Ra, got separated when she ran into a ventilation shaft chasing after an animal. Gail won't help us raid Vault 79 until I bring Ra-Ra back to Crater.
Find Ra-RaI've entered the underbelly of Grafton Steel. I need to find Ra-Ra, make sure she's safe, then bring her back to Gail.
Destroy the RobotsThe security system inside the Grafton Steel Underground is going haywire. I don't see Ra-Ra anywhere yet. Maybe I can proceed with finding her and bringing her home once I quell the security.
Speak with Ra-RaI believe the little girl who crawled out of the ventilation is Ra-Ra. I need to speak with her and try to get her to come back to Crater with me.
Find Ra-Ra's ToyRa-Ra won't leave without her toy, Bunnabun. She said an animal took it and ran further into the facility. I should be able to track it down and get the toy back.
Speak with Ra-RaI need to help Ra-Ra find her toy, Bunnabun, but the way forward appears to be blocked. I should talk with Ra-Ra. Maybe she can find a way in through the ventilation?
Destroy the RobotsRa-Ra pressed a button, which seems to have triggered a security protocol. I need to defeat these robots so we can proceed.
Speak with Ra-RaWhile the security system is in the process of ending its lockdown procedure, I need to talk with Ra-Ra about pressing buttons. We can't afford to be attacked by this facility's automated security system.
Follow Ra-RaRa-Ra thought she saw the animal that took her toy. She ran off into the ventilation to chase after it. I need to follow her as best I can. I need to bring her back to Gail alive.
Speak with Ra-RaRa-Ra is waiting for me outside the ventilation system. I should see what she wants.
(Optional) Give Food to Ra-RaRa-Ra is hungry, and wants some food. I should go look for some, or give her some of mine.
(Optional) Do not give Food to Ra-Ra
Follow Ra-RaRa-Ra is going back through the ventilation ducts, hot on the trail of the creature that stole her toy. I should follow her and make sure she doesn't get into any more trouble.
Speak with Ra-RaRa-Ra entered the ductwork again. She's insistent we find this toy of hers before we can leave. I'll keep following her so we can make it out of here in one piece.
Follow Ra-RaWe're still trying to find Ra-Ra's toy in the Grafton Steel facility. Ra-Ra seems to be following a trail. I should continue to follow her.
Clear the way for Ra-RaWhile looking for Ra-Ra's toy, we ran into some trouble. While climbing through the air ducts, Ra-Ra fell into a room guarded by active gun turrets. I'll need to disable them so she can safely pass through the room.
Follow Ra-RaI helped guide Ra-Ra to safety through a room full of turrets. Now it's time to follow her progress through the ventilation and meet up with her.
Speak with Ra-RaI've met up with Ra-Ra. Time to take a breather and talk with her about what to do next.
Follow Ra-RaRa-Ra found a skeleton in the ductwork that had a note and a keycard, allowing us to progress through the door. I have a feeling we're getting close. I'd better keep following along with Ra-Ra.
Destroy the Security RobotsIt looks like we tripped another security protocol. If it's anything like that last time, I'll need to defeat the robots before I'm able to proceed.
Destroy the Sentry BotI've found Ra-Ra's toy, but we have a bigger problem. There's a powerful Sentry Bot guarding the way out! Luckily, Ra-Ra is hiding safely away in the ventilation. I'll need to destroy it before we can get out of here.
Collect the item Ra-Ra droppedI've destroyed the Sentry Bot. Now I need to reconvene with Ra-Ra, give her Bunnabun, and then we can hopefully go back to Crater.
Speak with Ra-Ra
Speak with MegI've rescued Ra-Ra. It's time to go back to Meg and let her know that she and Gail are good to go for the vault heist.


  • The prototype steel mill helmet is a level 30 spawn, but collecting it automatically unlocks the corresponding schematic for cosmetic modifications.
  • In order to obtain unique rewards, including the prototype steel mill helmet only available during the middle of this quest, the player character must be nice to Ra-Ra in dialogue. Do not insult Gail either. Treating Ra-Ra poorly will make her be unwilling to help retrieve the item and later on, another unique item, in Vault 79 during Buried Treasure.
  • When Ra-Ra mentions that she is hungry, if the player lacks food to give her, there is a pumpkin pie in a nearby locked room.
  • The turrets that fire on Ra-Ra shoot unique blue lasers instead of standard red ones.

Behind the scenes

The dialogue option "Hi 'Starving,' I'm (name)" is a reference to the joke "Dad, I'm hungry!"


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Even if the player treats Ra-Ra nice in conversations during the quest (including her saying that they are almost as nice as Gail at the end), at the end, choosing either "I think we could use someone small who can get into places where others can't. Want to help us break into a vault?" or "I don't want a kid coming with us on the vault raid. Any chance you'd stay behind while we take Gail along?" can result in either respose invoking her response as if the player treated her poorly during the quest, in which she calls the player a buttface. Later, talking to Gail at the Crater can make her claim "Ra-Ra says you are bad". However, this is only a "surface level" bug and it won't affect Ra-Ra getting the Slug Buster during Buried Treasure, as long as they were kind to her during Fun and Games. Note that Ra-Ra will always join the raid in Buried Treasure and that choosing the second option won't deter her from coming, as she mentions she will come no matter what due to wanting to be with Gail.[verified]