Fujiniya Intelligence Base is a Chinese military intelligence bunker hidden underneath Mama Dolce's Food Processing in Appalachia in 2102.


The base is located through a locked door hidden inside the pipes outside the factory. Specifically, there is a ramp going down from the top of the pipes to a nook between the pipes and the building, inside of which there is a movable pipe section that can be entered. After the pipes is a door that is unlocked with the Mama Dolce's manager ID card, located on the upper area of the plant.

Notable lootEdit

  • Two Vault-Tec bobbleheads - One on a shelf in the bunk room and another in a cubicle on the lowest floor.
  • Random magazine - In the kitchen area, on a small table.
  • Three Chinese officer swords:
    • One on a metal shelf to the right upon entering the base itself.
    • One on a metal shelf in an armory in the room with the silo control terminal, behind a maglocked door.
    • One on a wooden shelf in the main armory, behind a maglocked door.
  • Plan: Chemistry station - on the large table in the stealth research lab near a red steamer trunk, in the lower level of the base.
  • Fusion core - behind some machinery in a console near the stealth research lab on the lower level of the base.
  • Power armor - located in the locked room behind a card reader, but is unlocked at a computer on a tube. The other card reader locked door is opened by hacking the terminal in the same room.


Fujiniya Intelligence Base appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fujiniya is most likely a direct transliteration of 弗吉尼亚, the Chinese spelling of "Virginia."


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