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Meg's raider gang is almost ready to attempt the raid on Vault 79.

From Russia With Lev is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.

Detailed walkthrough

Check in with Lou

Meg will ask the player character to check on Lou's progress with the vault job, who is at the Mysterious cave. Travel to the location and enter the keypad code given by Meg. The keypad code is randomized and is listed in the quest description if needed. Once the code is entered, head inside the elevator.

After arriving by the elevator to the entrance of Vault 79, approach with caution. Lou will be tied up and a yao guai is next to him, sleeping. Kill the yao guai to rescue Lou. Once the yao guai has been killed, untie Lou to continue. Next, speak to Lou, he will explain that Lev and other members of the gang sabotaged the vault heist by stealing his remote detonator and leaving him for dead. Return to Meg at the Crater to report Lev's betrayal.

Find Lev's mole

Back at the Crater, Meg will suspect that someone is acting as a mole for Lev, and she wants the player character to find out who, and deal with them as they see fit. The next objective is to interrogate Axel, Barb, and Creed. Optionally, the player character can speak to Molly the bartender if needed to figure out who is the mole.

Interrogate each raider while minding their individual descriptions. Axel will lie to protect others, Barb will lie to save face for others to take the blame, and Creed will tell the truth if pressured enough.

  • Speaking to Axel reveals that he and Barb are in a relationship, and Axel will lie about being Lev's mole to protect Barb. He will hesitate when the player character asks about Barb.
  • Speaking to Barb confirms that she and Axel are in a relationship, and she will instantly divert the blame to Creed, her brother, stating that Creed is Lev's mole.
  • Speaking to Creed reveals that he is easily pressured to tell the truth when threatened. Creed will claim that he is not Lev's mole.
  • Optionally, the player character can speak to Molly the bartender, for the truth.
    • Attempting to intimidate Molly by threatening her will result in a small loss to Raider reputation.
  • Molly will ask the player character for 300 caps in expenses (500 caps if the player character previously threatened her), in exchange for the information.
    • A Charisma 8+ dialogue option is available to bring down the price to 200 caps (300 caps if the player character previously threatened her).
  • Bribing Molly may be necessary to obtain the information of who is Lev's mole. Alternatively, the player character can tell Molly they wish to figure it out on their own.

Accuse the correct raider, Barb, and make her confess to being the mole. The player character has the option to either kill or spare Barb. Sparing Barb but threatening to kill her personally will result in a small gain to Raider reputation. Once the mole has been taken care of, and with the location of Lev's hideout now revealed, it is time to stop Lev.

Bring Lev to justice

Travel to Lev's hideout at Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06's South Expansion. Kill all hostile raiders on the way to reach Lev, including Fisher and Surge. Fisher will be on the ground in raider power armor and wielding a minigun, while Surge will be on top of the makeshift tower above Lev's room in the middle of the cooling tower. Lev will be in his room in the middle of the cooling tower, the doors locked by Lev's hideout key, which can be looted by killing either Surge or Fisher (whoever is killed second will have the key). Once all hostile raiders in the vicinity have been killed, it is time to confront Lev. Open the doors to the middle workstation to confront Lev. Lev will be inside his room; speak to him to continue.

Various S.P.E.C.I.A.L. dialogue options are available: Strength, Perception, Endurance, and Agility, each at 8+, in order to make Lev talk. Lev will then willingly answer questions about how and why he betrayed Meg's gang, berating the Vault Dweller for their many possible questions. If asked about Rocco, he will tell the player character about his contact at Foundation. Once the player character has finished asking Lev any questions, he will give the Vault Dweller no choice but to kill him. Lev will refuse to be spared either way, even when given the option to leave Appalachia. Killing Lev is the only option to progress the quest.

Once Lev has been killed, take Lou's remote detonator from his corpse. The holotapes Apologies to Lou, Bless y'all's hearts and Rocco and Lev's deal can be obtained in this area which reveal more insight about why Fisher and Surge decided to join Lev.

Tying up loose ends

Optionally, before returning to Meg which will conclude the quest, the Vault Dweller can travel to Foundation and ask Ward about Rocco. Ward will be angry, but will mention that Rocco was exiled from Foundation for sowing discord among the people and ammo and weapons gone missing. Ward will mark the player character's map with Rocco's location, at Spruce Knob Boat Rental. Travel to Spruce Knob Campground and enter the Boat Rental building near the lake, dispatching any mirelurks nearby in order to enter.

Once inside the Spruce Knob Boat Rental building, the player character can find Rocco in the back room past the counter doors. Speak to Rocco to progress the optional objective. There are two options to deal with Rocco, to either spare or kill him.

  • If one wishes to spare him, continue to ask Rocco questions until the dialogue option for him to leave Appalachia is available. This will result in a small gain to Raider reputation.
  • An additional option is to say that he can live, and then kill him. The player character will receive double the reputation gain with the Raiders.

Once Rocco has been dealt with, take the holotape To Meg and Crater freaks and return to Meg at the Crater for a reward.

Return to Meg

Meg will ask if everything is taken care of now, lamenting the loss of Fisher and Surge as well as expressing her scorn towards the intolerant Lev.

  • Telling Meg that Barb was the mole will result in a small gain of Raider reputation. Meg will spare Barb but keep her in line.
    • Telling Meg about Rocco, and whether he was spared or killed, will result in a small gain of Raider reputation. If Rocco was spared, Meg will call the decision a rookie mistake, but that he is not their problem anymore. If Rocco was killed, Meg will say that sometimes examples have to be set and will applaud the player character for their decision.

With enough people still alive for the vault job, everything is good to go.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Meet up with LouMeg wants me to go meet up with Lou at the entrance to Vault 79 and see if he needs any help setting up for the job.
? Use the code on the Keypad to enter: <Variable=MyVault79Code>In order to enter the vault and meet up with Lou, I need to put a code into the keypad at the secret entrance to Vault 79. Meg gave me a note with the code on it in case I need it.
? Save Lou from the Yao GuaiLou appears to be tied up, with a hungry Yao Guai nearby. I'd better defeat the beast before it can chow down on Lou, then I can free him from his predicament!
? Untie LouLou is still tied up. I need to free him and find out what happened here.
? Speak with LouI've freed Lou from his predicament. Now to ask him about what happened.
? Tell Meg about the betrayalLev and some of the other raiders sabotaged the vault heist by trying to kill Lou. They stole the remote detonator that we need to blast our way into the vault. I need to report back to Meg and figure out what to do about it.
? Interrogate the SuspectsMeg suspects Axel, Creed, or Barb may be working as a mole for Lev. I need to interrogate them. Supposedly, Axel tends to lie to protect others, Creed will tell the truth if pressured enough, and Barb tends to lie and throw others under the bus.
? Interrogate Axel
? Interrogate Barb
? Interrogate Creed
? (Optional) Find out what Molly knowsAccording to Molly, she overheard Barb talking to Lev about funneling information to him. Barb's the mole. I should confront her now and find out where Lev went.
? Accuse the AccompliceI have enough information, now I need to accuse the raider I suspect of being Lev's mole.
? Go to Lev's HideoutAfter interrogating my suspect, I now have the location of Lev's hideout. It's time to go there, bring him to justice, and get the In-game spelling Lou's remote detonator back.
? Defeat Lev's GangLev and his gang have taken over one of the cooling towers at the Poseidon Power Plant. I need to fight my way to Lev and get what I came here for: the detonator, and maybe a little revenge.
? Get the Hideout Key
? Confront LevLev stopped fighting. I need to turn up the pressure on Lev, kill him if I have to, and get Lou's remote detonator back so we can finally proceed with breaking into Vault 79.
? Recover Lou's DetonatorI need to get Lou's remote detonator.
? Report back to MegI've got Lou's remote detonator. Time to tie up any loose ends, then get back to Meg so we can get this vault heist started.
? (Optional) Ask about Rocco at FoundationLev told me about Rocco, a resident of Foundation, who paid him to sabotage our vault job. If I want to get revenge, I should go ask around and find out where he is.
? (Optional) Find RoccoWard told me where I might be able to find Rocco. If I want to get revenge, I should go find him near Spruce Knob Lake.
? (Optional) Confront RoccoI found Rocco. Now's my chance to get revenge. But, maybe there's another way. I should interrogate him first.
? (Optional) Kill Rocco

Behind the scenes

The name of the quest is a reference to the 1957 James Bond novel, as well as the 1963 film of the same name.


  • PCPC Prior to patch, it may not have been possible to enter Rocco's hideout at Spruce Knob Boat Rental. As team leader, or as a solo player, activating the doorway dimmed the HUD label from the door for a few seconds as usual, but there was no load screen and eventually the label was restored to the brighter state. This was corrected in patch's hotfix.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Playstation 4Playstation 4 If the player character is female, they will will not have the option to ask Rocco any more questions and will only get the ability to attack Rocco.[verified]
    • Because the dialogue option is flagged to incorrectly check for male player characters, there is a 50% chance Rocco will incorrectly call male player characters "lady."[verified]