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Break into the Sanctum, a former Union safehouse turned into a nightmare.

The Pitt: From Ashes to Fire is a repeatable Expeditions quest in Fallout 76. It is one of the Expeditions quests for the Pitt, and was released alongside Union Dues.


Fanatics operate the Sanctum, a derelict cathedral overlooking the Trench as a prison for torturing and brainwashing people they capture. The former Union safehouse fell during the early stages of the war, and is almost inaccessible due to the ravaged terrain. Danilo, an independent agent working with the Union, requires a group of well-armed volunteers ready to enter the halls of perdition and help liberate the people held within.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Arrive at the Trench and talk with Danilo about the objectives.
  • Complete phase A:
    • Raid the Fanatic labor yard for supplies: Protective masks and anti-radiation meds to survive the Trench.
    • Pass through the chasm and destroy hazardous blockages that were caused by the toxic runoff.
    • Locate the worst hazard zones and pump them full of a neutralizing formula.
  • Join Danilo at the Union hideout beneath Sanctum and learn of the next objective.
  • Optionally, talk to Ava Rose to receive her assignment: Collect five tracking collars from dead laborers and talk to a Fanatic skeptic to convince them to abandon their poisonous cause.
  • Complete phase B:
    • Free civilians captured by the Fanatics by killing the Fanatic warden and unlocking their cells.
    • Collect troglocide stashed by Danilo and throw it into trog nests.
    • Kill Fanatic Harrowers who are in charge of torturing captives.
  • Meet Danilo at the gate to the cathedral to learn of the final objective.
  • Complete phase C:
    • Activate the giant organ in the main nave of the cathedral to attract Fanatics' attention, then kill them.
    • Defend Danilo as he passes through the cathedral and collects intel.
  • Kill the Fanatic Foreman in charge of the Sanctum.
  • Return to the Trench and survive the evening radstorm while returning to Danilo.
    • Optionally, save three hapless survivors by directing them to the train yard.
  • Talk to Danilo and return to Appalachia.

Detailed walkthrough[]

From Ashes to Fire takes place in the Trench, a horribly irradiated stretch of canyons and tunnels in The Pitt's industrial district. Apart from the usual Fanatics, you also have a significant supply of trogs in the area, on top of radiation hazards and a very confusing map layout. It is very easy to get lost, especially in the final phase of the expedition. After landing, players first need to talk to Danilo, who will identify the objectives. He will be located inside the starting Abraxodyne compound and will randomly issue one of three objectives.

Phase A: The Trench[]

Raid the labor yard[]

Anyone navigating the Trench needs gear. Most importantly, masks and meds. The Fanatics are the best-equipped people in the Trench. They have a labor yard nearby you can raid for supplies. There's a hidden dropbox in the yard as well. Deposit the supplies there, and I'll redistribute them to escapees.

A straightforward combat objective, where the players raid a Fanatic labor yard to collect radiation masks and anti-radiation medicine. Masks are dropped by Fanatic scouts, recognizable by their blue shirts (mountain scout uniform). Both scouts and regular Fanatics continue to spawn while the objective is active. Anti-radiation medicine spawns in yellow boxes spread across the labor yard.

The masks and medicine can be deposited into drop boxes located in a small shack at the bottom of the labor yard. After ten each are collected, the objective is completed.

Destroy chemical blockages[]

There's runoff waste constantly sinking into the chasm. It piles up and makes the paths dangerous. Even falls and traps people. In short, you're on sewage duty today. Get in there and destroy any blockages you come across. And don't be surprised if something comes out of them.

An objective that takes players across the entire Trench, requiring them to deal with chemical hazards. In order to clear a hazard, players have to interact with them holding the use button until they are removed. Some of the hazards may be located in difficult to reach locations, though the greatest obstacle is the sheer number of trogs that spawn on the way.

Neutralize hazard zones[]

I need you to deal with a few radpits that have cropped up. It'll keep the Trench just barely traversable for us. Take these stakes. They're filled with a chemical compound that neutralizes radiation hazards. I only have enough to spare for the worst of the worst. So gear up, track the rads to their source, then place the stake before your gear melts off.

The final possible objective in the Trench, requires the players to seek out hazard zones and neutralize them using stakes provided by Danilo. The hazard zones are located in multiple locations across the Trench, including the train tunnel, collapsed highway, and Jaxon's Noose. A progress bar will appear in the quest listing and fill up the closer the players get to it. Once located, they need to approach it and hold the use key until the stake is inserted and the hazard neutralized. Once all three locations are clear, the objective is considered complete.

Phase B: The Sanctum[]

After a phase is completed, Danilo will ask the players to meet him at the Union outpost, beneath the cathedral. He'll explain the next step in the expedition and outline your objectives in the cathedral above. He will also suggest talking to Ava Rose in order to receive the optional secondary objectives.

Her objectives do not need to be completed during the expedition, but they do count towards the final rating. The first objective requires players to collect 5 tracking collars from dead laborers, spread across the entire Sanctum map both in the sewers, the catacombs, and the cathedral above. The second requires finding and talking to a Fanatic skeptic, who may spawn either in the Sanctum or the Trench.

Sewers: Free prisoners[]

The warden will be well defended. Insurance against the trogs. Once you get the key from the warden, free the captives and send them outside. I'll make sure they're taken care of.

In order to free the prisoners located beneath the cathedral, players first need to slay the Fanatic wardens for the key to the cells. Wardens spawn with additional turrets and other protection, making them a difficult encounter. Once the keys are collected, the team simply has to open the prisoner cages in the catacombs. Trogs will not attack the laborers, but they will attack the party.

Sewers: Deploy troglocide[]

I've hidden Troglocide around the tunnels. They're a bit hefty, so you won't be able to do any hundred-meter sprints while you're carrying one. One more warning: the trogs have come to recognize the scent of the bombs. Once you have one, they'll come running. So make use of it quick.

If Danilo asks the players to deploy troglocide, it needs to be collected from his stash inside the catacombs. The troglocide replaces the grenade thrown into trog nests inside the catacombs. Once equipped, it slows the players down significantly on top of constant attacks by monsters. There are X nests in total to gas.

Sewers: Kill the Harrowers[]

Don't underestimate the Harrowers. They're the worst of the Fanatics... The worst of humanity. They feed on fear and pain. They have torture rooms down here. That's where you'll find them.

This objective requires the players to kill the Fanatic Harrowers in the sewers. Harrowers are comparable to Manhunters from Union Dues in difficulty, but due to the cramped spaces, they are easier to fight.

Meet Danilo[]

Once the objectives are completed, Danilo will ask players to meet him at the gate leading into the cathedral, explaining the next step. He will suggest taking the stealth route to avoid a confrontation. However, this has no impact on the expedition and the players are free to engage the Fanatics as they see fit. Talking to him unlocks access to the cathedral above.

Cathedral: Upload virus[]

All the captives wear tracking collars. As if escaping without them wasn't already hard enough. I've got a program to destroy the tracking data, but it's spread across multiple terminals, so you'll need to run the program on each one.

The first possible objective requires players to upload a virus to destroy the tracking data. The terminals are randomly spread out across the cathedral, and players need to interact and upload the program to complete the objective. There are X terminals in total.

Cathedral: Activate the organs[]

There's a pipe organ on the upper floor of the cathedral. It has some prerecorded hymns. Playing that music suddenly should create chaos. Enough to give some captives an opportunity to escape. Once you start the music, hold the floor for as long as you can, keeping it clear of Fanatics.

There are two possible objectives inside the cathedral. If Daniel asks the player to activate the organs, then the main objective in the cathedral is area defense. Activating the automated organs on the upper floor of the main nave will cause Fanatics to continuously spawn in adjacent rooms and enter the defense zone. In order to progress the bar, players have to kill them continuously, as it will only progress if there are no enemies within the radius.

Cathedral: Escort Danilo[]

I'm coming with you this time, and I need you to cover me. This place holds valuable information about the Fanatics and their hostages. Plans, correspondence, lists of names. Knowledge is power. We're here to claim it. Defend me while I gather the documents. When I say the word, we'll scram.

Danilo may ask the players to escort him as he passes through the cathedral and either collects intel or uploads a virus to destroy the tracking data. This is a straightforward escort mission, and if his health runs out, he can be revived after being knocked down. Danilo will make three stops across the cathedral to collect intel. Most of these are in side rooms, requiring players to monitor the entrances. The greatest complication comes from navigation, as Danilo may simply become confused and take a longer route to the next intel gathering spot.

Cathedral: Kill the Foreman[]

The final objective inside the cathedral requires players to kill the Fanatic Foreman. As the Fanatics continuously elect new foremen, there is no shortage of them. The Foreman is located on the opposite end of the cathedral from the main altar room, and they will emerge from the double doors. Once down to about half health, they will be knocked down, and will summon reinforcements. These come in the form of hopefuls emerging from the cages behind the players. The foreman's health will then be restored and they will resume attacking, and they will finally become killable permanently.

Once the foreman is dead, players will be able to exit the cathedral and a shortcut will open which will allow them to emerge in the Trench closer to the arrival zone. However, there is no obligation to actually use the shortcut.

Phase C: The Radstorm[]

Players emerge in the Trench as the night falls and a radstorm engulfs the area. The final objective is simple: return to the landing pad and report back. The radiation storm will cause constant irradiation, and the area is filled with stronger variants of trogs. Additionally, there's one final optional objective.

Save the survivors[]

There are civilian survivors to find in the Trench in order to gain the maximum possible rating in the expedition. There are three of them and they are in the following locations:

  • Feeble Survivor:
  • Middling Survivor:
  • Resilient Survivor:

Due to the radstorm, the survivors are constantly losing health making this a timed objective; fortunately, the survivors are also spread out in a fashion that allows players to save them from the weakest to the strongest. Simply talking to them will result in them being saved.

Return to Danilo[]

Expedition is completed once players talk to Danilo. Note that while it is not necessary to turn the tracking collars back to Ava, it is necessary to talk to her in order for the Fanatic skeptic objective to register. In summary, factors that affect performance are:

  • Completing the main objectives (impossible to miss)
  • Collecting the collars
  • Converting the skeptic
  • Rescuing all three survivors


FO76 Reward Lists The Pitt

Reward list.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
I've embarked on an expedition to one of the deadliest parts of the Pitt: an irradiated chasm known as the Trench.
Make contact with Danilo
Speak to Danilo
I've landed in the Trench. I need to find and speak to Danilo, an independent agent collaborating with the Union.
Enter the SanctumDanilo wants me to raid the nearby Fanatic labor yard for supplies: specifically, for masks and meds designed to combat the unique dangers of the Trench. Once I've gathered them, I need to deposit the supplies in hidden dropboxes.
Danilo wants me to delve into the chasm and destroy any hazardous blockages that have formed as a result of runoff waste. This will keep the Trench traversable for survivors and escapees.
Danilo wants me to suit up with radiation gear and locate the Trench's worst hazard zones. Once found, I'm to stake the hazards and pump them full of a neutralizing formula.
Speak to Danilo
Await instructions from Danilo
I've done as Danilo asked, and now he's called me back to meet him at a Union outpost behind a waterfall.
Danilo has sent me underground, which is the only traversable path to the Sanctum.
Confront the Foreman
Defeat the Fanatic Foreman
(Optional) Speak to Ava Rose
(Optional) Collect fallen prisoners' collars (#/#)
(Optional) Return collars to Ava Rose
(Optional) Speak to the Fanatic Skeptic in the Trench/Sanctum
(Optional) Rescue ALL helpless survivors from the storm (#/#)
Civilians are being held captive in the catacombs, where they are tormented by trogs. I need to get the key from the Fanatic Warden and free the captives.
Escape the Sanctum
(Optional) Use Danilo's shortcut
The trogs roaming the underground make it near impossible for anyone to escape the Sanctum. I need to pick up stashed Troglocide and throw it into trog nests to thin the beasts' numbers.
I need to take out several Fanatic Harrowers, who are in charge of delivering pain and torment to their prisoners.
Speak to DaniloI need to meet Danilo at the entrance to the cathedral before heading in.
The Fanatics put tracking collars on their captives, making it that much harder for anyone to escape. I need to locate the terminals holding the tracking data and run Danilo's data termination program on them.
Danilo has instructed me to cause a commotion and clear the cathedral of Fanatics. I need to kick things off by navigating to the top floor of the cathedral and setting off some pre-recorded organ music, then to keep the floor clear of goons.
Danilo is coming with me this time. I need to stay by his side and defend him from Fanatics while he gathers several pieces of intel.
Today's assault on the Sanctum is complete. I need to make my way back out to the Trench.
Night has fallen in the Trench, and with it comes the evening radstorm. There are helpless civilians stranded out in the storm. I can try to save them, or return straight to Danilo at the landing zone.
I need to return to Danilo at the landing zone and get out of here.
Speak with Lennox to depart when readyI've done what I can for the people in the Trench today. Time to get back to the Lennox and ride the Vertibird back home.


Actually turning in the collected prisoner collars to Ava Rose is not necessary for the objective to be marked as completed at the end. Simply collecting all five collars will suffice. This can save time when completing the "rescue survivors" objective and exiting the Trench.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Previously, an exploit existed in which, if the final "rescue survivors" objective was failed in a solo session, the player could leave the expedition and rejoin. This would reset the objective and give another chance at completing it. This was corrected with patch 40 and the Nuka-World on Tour update.[patched]