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This is a transcript for dialogue with Fritz.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00599483 005994AC Cheerio, sucker!
2 005994AD I can't hear you! I'm rich!
3 005994AE Back in my day, the world wasn't such a fucking disaster!
4 005994AF Where's my caddie?
5 005994B0 Kids today... Grumbling
6 00599484 005994B5 Do you make less than 100,000 caps per year? Then you're not welcome here!
7 005994B6 Pull up your pants and tuck your shirt in, hooligan!
8 005994B8 Well, if it isn't one of those young punks who keeps trampling on my golf course!
9 What do you have to say for yourself, kid?
10 005994BA Any wisdom I could impart on the youth?
11 00599485 005994A2 Certainly!
12 00599487 005994AA It's my favorite hobby! Now, these days, it's hard to find a quality golf ball. So I aim for ghoul heads instead.
13 Normally it takes a couple strokes to knock those stubborn suckers off their tees, but next time I'm shooting for a hole in one!
14 0059948B 005994B2 Get-up? Well, I never-!
15 Alright, you got me. I'm a Raider who's got nothing better to do, okay? Stepping out of character
16 I spend my days fending off irradiated montrosities to survive, anyway. Why not make some fun out of it? Out of character
17 0059948D 005994A6 Sure thing, kiddo! What do you want to know?
18 0059948F 005994B4 Why, of course it does! In a world like this, banding together is necessary for survival.
19 But it wouldn't do to shack up with just any old ragamuffins waving guns around and wearing scraps for clothing.
20 I am, of course, cut from a finer cloth. This dapper clothing and refined accent serve to set that standard for the new world. Extra dramatic, comical flourish on the accent
21 00599491 005994A9 Not anymore. Apparently the robots booted all the guests to the curb for some pre-scheduled renovations.
22 Suddenly, they were forced to brave the Wasteland just like the rest of us. Ha! Falling out of character for a moment
23 Ahem! I mean... What a shame the most admirable upper-class suffered such a tragic injustice. Getting back into character and correcting himself
24 00599493 005994A3 Whatever do you mean? How could I possibly have any complaints with a luxurious top-floor view of the apocalypse and a shining silver spoon up my ass?
25 I simply love to sip tea and watch the peasants die of radiation poisoning.
26 00599495 005994B1 To you as well, stranger!
27 00599497 005994A5 Well, it's funny you ask. I was just thinking about the good old days when I could shoot birdies out on the lawn without getting mauled by ferals.
28 Those were simple days. Just playing golf and happily ignoring all the problems in the world.
29 00599499 005994B3 This mighty fine establishment is the one and only Whitespring Resort, where only millionaires are welcome.
30 If you're a helpless youth with no assets to your name and nowhere else to go, well, that's too bad! Get lost!
31 0059949B 005994A7 That so? Not gonna lie... I like your style, kiddo. Reminds me of when I was a punk.
32 0059949D 005994A1 As you should!
33 What's the world coming to these days? Hasn't anyone heard of etiquette?
34 0059949F 005994A8 Why, I don't know what you're talking about!
35 Kids these days, so presumptious.