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Frieda Lane is the head of the Muni divisions providing power and water to Atlantic City. She is a supporting character in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


A native of the Atlantic City area, Frieda and Tim Lane were originally high school sweethearts. Tim was the last in a long line of farmers working the land on Lane farm, while Frieda wanted to pursue an engineering degree. Rather than forcing her to choose between love and career, Timothy promised to pay for her degree with profits from farm produce. He kept his word after marriage, and Frieda graduated with a degree in engineering - an asset that would become crucial after the Great War.[1]

While the nuclear war and the subsequent flood severely damaged the city proper, it spared the outlying farms. Thanks to Frieda's expertise, the Lane farm soon had some of the only viable crops around Atlantic City, as she managed to purify the soil of nuclear fallout and keep growing the crops. It was not until the situation in the City got so bad that the Family started sending out raiding parties to the surrounding farms that the Lanes realized how bad the situation got, thanks to Carly Day's inaction. Tim killed all but one mobster from the party, interrogating him.[2]

Atlantic City was without a supply of food, water, or electricity, with the mafia and Showmen running the show instead of the skeletal municipal government. The situation was dismal and Tim decided to address it directly.[3] He marched on city hall and confronted Day, demanding she step down and turn over the reins of governance. According to him and Buttercup, Day stepped down and fled the city. Frieda accepted him at his word, unaware that he simply shot the mayor and took her position over. She never really questioned his version, as she despises Carly Day for her cowardice and allowing thugs to run the city, and considers her husband a hero for stepping up.[4]

Tim Lane reformed the municipal government, with Frieda appointed the head of the Power Production and Management Division, responsible for electricity production and distribution, and the Water Purification and Distribution Division, which handles water purification and distribution (she considers the two essentially the same, but with different trade goods).[5] Since then, she and the other Munis (as they have been nicknamed by the Family and the Showmen) have worked around the clock to keep the city running, taking care of everything from food and water, through electricity, and trade, to medicine and security. It is exhausting work, but she considers it essential and noble,[6] despite shortages of supplies, personnel, and time to devote to the city.[7]

Unlike her husband's unflappable attitude, Frieda is slowly becoming tired of keeping the city running. She has actually suggested, more than once, that Tim give up so that they may retire back to the farm they came from.[8] However, while she does advise the younger Munis, like Anna Barone, to consider not wasting their life away in the job,[9] she is not about to turn tail and flee. Until something changes, she'll remain the head of the Muni divisions, keep training engineers and electricians, and keep the city going as much as possible.[10] In a way, she seems to relish being the mayor's wife and focusing not on political maneuvering, but actually improving people's lives by getting her hands dirty,[11] even if it makes her stressed and overworked.[12]


Frieda is generally friendly and amicable,[13] with a penchant for making sarcastic jokes to cope with the amount of work she has to do on a daily basis.[14] Many are cracked at her own expense, for example, she feels one would have to be either crazy selfless or crazy dumb to work as a Muni, which likely makes her both.[15][16] She's almost constantly wrapped up in her work,[17][18] risking and experiencing electrocution constantly,[19] while her gray hairs are starting to grow grey hairs (e.g. due to brownouts).[20] She's actually starting to miss the simple farm life,[21] especially since nobody seems to appreciate Muni efforts to keep the City alive.[22] On the other hand, she is having nightmares that the city would collapse without her there to maintain its many organs.[23]

Frieda loves her husband, considering him one of the few good man in a city where they're exceedingly hard to come by.[24] The two have a deep relationship, full of genuine respect for each other's skills,[25] gentle ribbing and playful banter,[26] though on occasion she wonders if they're not a couple, but a throuple, with them both married to Atlantic City.[27] Thanks to this dedication, the power grid keeps running fine. Although exhausted,[28] Frieda is ready to take the fight to the Overgrown herself if they keep creating problems like getting into the city generators.[29] She does not envy Sloane Cao's work, though.[30]

She is very protective of her fellow Munis and people working for the municipal government, willing to sic Buttercup on them, not unlike a mother would[31] (Buttercup also mystifies her, as it seems impossible for him to maintain his physique with so little protein in his diet).[32] This doesn't stop her from engaging in playful ribbing, especially with Anna Barone, who's her direct underling and notorious for drinking up coffee.[33]

There's one exception to her nature: Vices that provide Atlantic City with tourists and revenue, and destroy lives.[34] She despises both The Showmen and the Lombardi Family, considering the former to be thugs in costumes, and the latter absolute criminals. Frieda is proud of her unwillingness to flatter them in any way and comes up with increasingly clever ways to express her disapproval - especially since she is perfectly aware that Acee needs them to sustain itself.[35]

She is not petty: She does not care about the nickname given to the Municipal Government by the other two factions, finding the attempts laughable. The Mayor's Office takes on much bigger fights every day and ignored the petty attempt at insulting. Frieda eventually turned the insult around, noting that its origins likely lie in their short attention spans.[36]

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Frieda Lane appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.



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    Vault 76 dweller: "So what happened to Carly?"
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    Frieda Lane: "Oh yes. I'm glad my feelings came across clearly. I wouldn't want you thinking I like them or anything. They're criminals. The only reason they're still around is because their 'business' brings tourists in. We need tourists in Atlantic City to make enough money to keep our civilians alive. Make sense?"
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