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This is a transcript for dialogue with Frida Madani.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00599416 0059944D I've got a better house than I could ever afford, and all it took was the apocalypse.
2 0059944E I'd avoid that elevator if I were you. Mean things up top.
3 0059944F Interested in the lives of the rich and famous?
4 00599450 What brings you to the ruins of high society?
5 00599451 If you were rich, would you live like the Garrahans did, too? Moot point, I guess.
6 00599452 Looking for shelter?
7 00599455 Now the world above is as dangerous as the world below.
8 00599456 You think any rich softies are still out there surviving somewhere?
9 00599417 00599444 This place is impressive, huh? The Garrahans rode high on their mining cash for a long time.
10 Not that it got them anywhere in the end.
11 00599445 Hey there. Just back to take in the sights, or do you need something from me?
12 00599418 0059943C Suit yourself. I'm going to live in the husk of luxury for a bit longer.
13 0059941A 00599447 I'll tell you what I can.
14 0059941C 0059943E Anyway, I don't know if you want to listen to an old lady reminisce, but I'll be camped out here for a while.
15 It's a stroll down memory lane.
16 0059941D 00599449 Well, now that you mention it, I did happen to chance upon some of Vivian Garrahan's old vintage. Viv = Vivian Garrahan
17 She always did know her wine. Here, have some. I've had plenty already. Gives player a bottle of wine
18 0059941F 00599440 Sure. Anything else?
19 00599421 0059944B For one thing, you're never given the benefit of the doubt. Something's stolen? Instant suspect.
20 I guess it's hard to keep an open mind about someone that looks like they'd eat you at the first opportunity, but it's still frustrating.
21 But the worst part? Every time you see one of those feral monsters, you wonder. What separates them from me? Will that be me, someday?
22 That's hard to live with.
23 00599423 00599442 I was lucky. I hid, and when those red monsters showed up, I fled east.
24 But the coast is bad. Very bad. It was hit a lot harder than home was. So when people started flooding back, I came back as well.
25 I wasn't unscathed, of course. I became what I am today. A ghoul. And that hasn't made life any easier.
26 00599425 0059944C I have mixed feelings. They lived a life of luxury up there, built on the backs of those hard working miners of theirs.
27 On the other hand, they paid my salary and were friendly enough in person.
28 I wasn't exactly slaving away in the pits, either, so how resentful can I be? Especially now that I'm alive and they're long gone.
29 00599429 00599443 I did, and better than a lot of people, in fact. I worked at Garrahan HQ before the war. A receptionist.
30 I got to know some of the higher-ups pretty well. Get in with people like that and you get invited to a cocktail party or two.
31 0059942E 0059943B You got that right. Though sometimes I wonder if going on living like this is a blessing or a curse.
32 Hard not to be nostalgic for a glitzy past when you have to carry on looking like I do. Looking like a ghoul
33 00599430 00599446 I can vouch for that. Their parties were a hoot. Laughing
34 But money can create as many problems as it solves. Sometimes more.
35 You don't hear about poor kids developing sloth obsessions, for instance.
36 00599432 0059943D In some ways, you're right. I have a soft spot for the Garrahans, but I can't deny that their wealth came at a cost.
37 They tried to bill themselves as the champions of the working stiff, but none of their miners lived like this.
38 00599434 00599448 If you want to rush out into the Wasteland, you can be my guest. I'm staying right here.