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For an overview of fresh potatoes in the Fallout series of games, see Vegetable.

The fresh potato is a consumable item found in Fallout 3.


It restores 10 Hit Points (12 if the food sanitizer is active) without any of the harmful Radiation effects. It is one of the few edible food items that isn't inherently irradiated, besides other fresh fruits or vegetables.



  • The scientists at Rivet City have a large stock of fresh fruit and vegetables, and will say, "Be careful, that stuff is worth more than you" or "Don't touch the vegetables, they're fragile."
  • In the Rivet City science lab, one of the potatoes has no owner and can thus be taken without negative Karma. It is on the table with the Bobblehead - Intelligence and is the closest of three potatoes to the test tube racks.
  • The potatoes are sold to residents of Rivet City.[1]
  • According to Senior Scribe Neriah, the potato has gone extinct by 2287.


  1. Shrapnel's dialogue: "Give me a Brahmin steak, potato, and a beer."
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