Fremont Street is a pre-War roadway in Nevada's Mojave Desert.


A thoroughfare utilized both before and after the war, now host to a centralized residential region known as Freeside.


The street runs the perimeter of the former Vegas metropolitan area, through dilapidated ruins that once served as a commercial district. The neighborhood has built up around the intersection of Fremont and Las Vegas Boulevard.[1]

Conflict has been escalating recently between travelers and locals, problems emerging from the influx of destitute travelers heading to or leaving the Strip.[1] Rotface shares with the Courier that the Silver Rush is located on the northwest end of Fremont Street, run by a scary family called the Van Graffs.[2]

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There is an unused street sign in the game files bearing the street's name.[4]


Fremont Street appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Fremont Street is based on the real world roadway of the same name.



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Fallout: New Vegas roadways
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